Believe and Build it!

FullSizeRenderLooking beyond what our natural eyes can visualize and reversing the thoughts that our minds effortlessly produce can certainly be a task. But remaining stuck in these patterns rob us as Believers of great rewards associated with our Lord’s sacrifice.

We don’t dream big enough; We don’t stand long enough; and We don’t fixate our eyes on His promises consistently enough. Visual distractions from the enemy come our way as a tactic for us to lose sight on what our Father wants us to have and experience.

I’ve been there! Those years of saying with my mouth but not truly believing with my spirit that I too am worthy of all His goodness. My life just looked so messy! After nearly two decades of entertaining lies from the enemy, believing God 100% of the time with my family, finances and future has been a process! How grateful I am that my faith has developed and arrived in a Harvest and “Due Season”!

The Word of God says that “He will not withhold any good thing from those who walk upright.” (Psalm 84:11) Furthermore he encourages us to ask and we shall receive. (Matthew 21:22) The moment we ask, faith must ignite and we should begin to build knowing that it shall come to pass.

Building is the process of those things we must do in the natural. Research, networking, education, business plans, changing our circle, our diets, or any other necessary actions connected to the vision. Building it is doing our part while God is behind the scene blessing our framework! When the natural and supernatural come together, Destiny is birthed! One can’t happen without the other!

I’m so excited about what God has for me! I have written the vision and made it plain according to Habakkuk 2:2. So when the enemy wants to lie again, I shut him down by refocusing on my blueprints and promises!

Are you believing and building today? If not, start now by turning your course in the direction of The Great I Am! His promises are never null and void! Truly Believe, Build and Receive!

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