How Are You Preparing For Your Purpose?by Yahshikiah Hughes

Everyone has a purpose in life, a specific task, an ordination, and or an assignment that only God has entrusted to you. God has destined and designed you for a specific purpose in life, in His Kingdom, and here on earth, that no one else can achieve. Your purpose is tied to who you are--your character, personality, values, and abilities. Your PURPOSE is directly connected to your DESTINY! I find that many people understand their purpose and know what it Read More..

The Shiftby Vincent K. Harris

There is a scene in my favorite movie, “The Lion King” where The Pride Land became desolate. The village was running out of food because of the drought and poor leadership from Scar. Nala, the childhood friend Simba loved and played with when he was young, saw the village was dying and went hunting for food. While hunting, she heard something in the bushes and attacks. After a brief fight, she is seen hovering over her adversary about to kill Read More..