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Dreamer on the Rise Foreword by Les Brown

Book Title: Dreamer on the Rise

Dreamers!! Get Ready!!! COMING Soon!

Dreamer on the Rise foreword by Les Brown

Book Description:

DREAMER ON THE RISE is a powerful inspirational book that was conceived and conceptualized to stir up the dreamer within you. Fifteen accomplished authors share their wisdom, experiences and testimonies of pursuing their dreams, inspiration of FAITH and Creating Wealth. This book supplies strategies to help you maximize your full potential and pursue your DREAMS no matter what your life circumstances currently are. This book will activate your hidden treasures and set you on an accelerated path to personal fulfillment, purpose, destiny and manifestation of your DREAMS!


DREAMER ON THE RISE is the book for every dreamer on the rise. It will teach how to tap into unlimited possibilities and get back to a place of functioning at the highest domain on Earth, to live out ALL of your God-inspired dreams, even of becoming a millionaire!

Author Joshua D. Johnson

This book is a must read. Joshua D. Johnson gives a glimpse of his life as a chosen vessel. He shares his most intimate confessions in an effort to bring healing and encouragement through vulnerability, transparency, and highlighting biblical truths. This book will make you laugh, cry, and it will challenge you to dig deep within to share your confessions with God, that you would be healed, delivered and set free.

Joshua D. Johnson is emerging as a highly sought-after preacher and respected voice amongst this generation. He is a prayer warrior and his bold, yet practical delivery of the Word is encouraging and thought-provoking. Through the Word of God, he brings hope to those who have felt lost, broken and overlooked, and he reminds them that they are needed in the Kingdom of God. He is a thriving entrepreneur and a father and friend to many.

Official Release date: May 15, 2020 Pre-orders can be made at