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The Audacity Of God by Pastor/Prophet Terry Weems, Sr.

Who is this God that can see beyond the scope of man? It is baffling to consider the mind of the Creator of the universe; His ways are beyond the comprehension of man. As He has expressed, His ways are not like man’s ways and His thoughts are not like man’s thoughts. This expression is evident in the countless lives of those who succumb to public scrutiny. Note, the audacity is explored when you rationalize how God deems an individual His chosen vessel. Chosen vessels are buried beneath the crevice of degradation and despair! This God specializes in dropping charges and dismissing evidence that was brought up against us. Such was the case with Saul. In the court of public opinion, the rumors and reputation that preceded Saul portrayed him as an unlikely candidate. But God considered him as the right candidate for transformation, even though, to the people he was the wrong nominee. God’s truth of you will override the truth people know about you.

The question that messed up people have is this: “when what you heard is true, do you have what it takes to transform me?”

God is repairing ruined reputations. It is always ruthless people that will ruin the reputation of good people.
When reputations are ruined the influence of that individual is impaired. There is often a conflict between God’s choice and the people’s choice. People tend to choose based on merit, prestige, status and social standing. God chooses based on the heart of a person! The spectator often wonders about God’s methodology towards flawed people. The gospel is showcase in man’s defectiveness. What is the gospel? The gospel is the act of God’s redemption. It speaks volumes about change, forgiveness and restoration. So yes, God has the audacity to invest in what looks valueless to display His works in the lives of people. God takes chances with flawd people because His grace is sufficient. As we obtain the mind of Christ we will see, act and think like Christ. As it is stated “Unto the pure all things are pure: but unto them that are defiled and unbelieving is nothing pure; but even their mind and conscience is defiled.” (Titus 1:15)

Pastor/Prophet Terry Weems, Sr.

Lord, Where is My Husband? William L Munson & Elder Torree Munson

All I know is that I wanted to do the will of my father which I’m sure a lot of women may say the same thing. Well with me earnestly saying this and being vulnerable at the same time many, many, years ago I fell into a trap. The trap was Satan sending me a counterfeit that I married and I thought he was the real deal. Well there you have it, see what I want everyone to understand is that there is a waiting process and a perfecting process before your mate comes into your life. A lot of time we believe that since I been serving in ministry, reading my word, praying, and abstaining that my husband shall appear. Well in our mind we have but if we can be honest we probably tripped and slipped a couple of times so there is still some stuff that God need to purge from you.

So, we still ask the question, where is my husband/wife? There could be numerous of reasons why he or she has not been presented to you from the father. We need to make sure that we have given totally over to the father, meaning living according to his word. Some of us say we have totally given over and we have not. God is not going to send you a mate to be faithful to and you have not even been faithful to him. God is not going to allow you to mess up the gift you have been given with your undisciplined self. When you stop complaining and murmuring about what you don’t have and be grateful for what you do have, when you can take your desires away and allow God desires to become your desires, then and only then are you ready. Smile, we have this fantasy or thought of how we want our mate to look and dress. I mean we want them to have all the bells and whistles in the natural when we get them, well baby they may not come with the bells and whistles that you want at that moment, they may not come in the color skin that you want them to. They may look totally different than what your worldly desires were. But when you can lean not unto your understanding but unto Gods. See, we have some men and woman that have been serving and their mate has not come, this is disturbing to some but what I can say is that you have an assignment that does not include them at the moment, you have to fulfill the ASSIGNMENT! See, God has an ordained time for you to come together with your mate, he is very strategic in all his ways. Your assignment now may not be fulfilled if your mate was in your life so don’t be dismayed just trust God and his process for your life.
My husband that God has sent me is everything that I desired once I got out of my own way and put my fleshly desires down. I killed my fleshly desires by allowing my spiritual man to override them. Smile, allow your God to be everything you need him to be. Some ask me how did you and your husband abstain from SEX for 2 ½ years? Allowing God to lead us and guide us, closing those portals (eyes, hears, mouth etc.) that allows the enemy to slip in and tempt us. The most important word I can tell any single individual is to know your BOUNDARIES!!! This is so important in dating or courting. If you are not honest with yourself you will fail and fall, if you are not honest, discipline, determined and dedicated to Gods way you will fall. See the enemy is just waiting for you to lie to yourself and say you can handle a situation and you really can’t. You have to be very wise in your singlehood.
Since we were faithful with God and obedient he blessed us to plan an amazing wedding in 5 months and take a honeymoon to Jamaica, Sandals Resort. Not to mention my bridal shower was breath taking. The women that God has placed in my life were amazing in planning it. I mean God did not hold back not one bit on the favor that is on my union with my husband. From the beginning to the end finances were not an issue. People will begin to give unto you because of your faithfulness to God.
When I say that God can turn any situation around, he can. Look at me God has blessed me with an AMAZING husband. This man treats me like the queen that I am, he loves me for me and never judged my crazy, funny, or goofy ways. He loves all of me, we fell in love with each other’s mind and spirit first. This is key in building stability in your relationship. Becoming friends first is the most important way to build a strong marriage and foundation. Trust me trials will come so if you don’t have a genuine friendship and a solid relationship with God not sure if it will be strong enough to keep you and your mate together. The enemy hates marriage and he is WICKED!!!!! How do I know this? Well I have been married twice before, this is my third marriage and yes to God be the Glory for all the things that he has done. After all of the pain I allowed myself to go through because of the decisions I made, God told me that I had to walk that thing out that was my “Wilderness Experience”, and that it was. My fairytale wedding and soul mate still found me, God was preparing him for me all the time. My husband was build and made with all the bells and whistles my spirit needed, he was tailored made for me. See that’s because I allowed God to send him and I didn’t choose anymore. I didn’t go our looking, smile.
God has blessed me with multiple ministries, Torree Munson Ministries, Singles Standing Strong, and Divorced but Not Destroyed. So, I am on the move for the Kingdom. I recently released my book “Mastering Your Singleness”, you can order the book @ or Amazon. I am in the process of writing my second book with God’s grace it will be completed this year. I know the Singles Standing Strong book will truly bless your life if you are single or will be a blessing to someone you know that is single.

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