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Bridgewater Love by Tammy Collins Markee

Bridgewater Love is a Gift of Love to Cherish. It is the Love that is Crafted by the Creator for the achievement of eternal bliss. It is the ability to harness the Power of the Flame. It also means to pursue the joy that develops a deep understanding of the passion that stems from the seed of life. It is the bridge between two hearts that are bonded by God. In it, a soulmate is captivated by her smile the first time he laid eyes on her. She, in turn, is drawn by his light, and what occurs is the Butterfly effect when he looks into her eyes.

Then the ‘sudden moment’ occurs! That ‘Ah’ Moment, when love sparks a joyful place in his heart. That spiritual expression of the ‘Structure of Love’ is the Sweetest Moment in Time. When a spouse celebrates his wife, always seeing her as the most beautiful woman in the world, he can only beam with pride, ready for the officiation of the nuptials that has been in existence since the beginning of time.

On her own part, as a young girl, she had always prayed that, someday, she would marry the man of her dreams. As a young woman, her heart was filled with dreams of her husband. She prayed for his spiritual development, wherever he was, as he turned into the man of her dreams. To her, he would be that man of valor; a stalwart; intrepid, suave, and deft. Later in life, exquisite sparks would be seen from the joining of their souls, offering them hopes for a glorious future together. They would no longer be immobilize by the fear of losing each other. For this kind of love can only withstand the test of time. Then the realization comes that communication is the essential backbone of their relationship. God has been molding and refining each of them for that special day in time. It now makes perfect sense that the Creator has been preparing them for that Bridgewater Love. For, it is a process of learning how to be open and honest to each other about the journey of love, pain, joy and hope. Ultimately, their legacy is too attain the happiness that comes from above.

They finally understand the treasure they have in their life partner. The brightness; the ray of sunshine that shines through as they capture new memories is one to be jointly cherished. And during the passage of time, they continually gain new ground, erasing the pain of the past. It cannot be otherwise, for her husband’s love is like a ballad that soothes the soul.

As a couple, they have found that common thread that ensures that their love life will speak a language that will eternally endure. Through a lens of mutual understanding, and a new perspective of life, they have discovered the power that will continue to drive them to their God-given purpose together. When they found each other, the title of respect is engrave upon both their hearts. They now possess the grace, calmness, and politeness that will sustain that undying love for each other.

It is the anniversary of the first time they laid eyes upon each other, as young teenagers. Their hearts were free tolove each other. God has His reason for allowing the perfect timing for that Love to Grow and Glow. His wife will never forget that beaming smile of his that is still there until this day. God continues to reveal that His ultimate purpose is to bring them to that higher place, and not just to have an average life together, but to have a joint life well-lived, and with extraordinary goals that are so vast, and so much beyond what they could ever imagine.

The husband that she prayed for is the pinnacle of God’s creation. He is a loving, honest, and faithful man that will protect, cherish and nurture her all the days of his life. This is truly refreshing and ultimately unforgettable, if only because, as their collective mind knows, their past pain was a blessing in disguise, even as that road that they trudged to find each other was meant to lead them back into each other arms.

The core essence of their joint journey was to finally rest in each others strength. They continue to convey a joint promise that proclaims their unwavering love for each other. They continue to cross the Bridge of Love, and the waters of life in their daily quest to find validate the goodness of God in their lives. Now The Wait is Over. They Never gave up hope to find the love of their life. They Never Knew Love Like This Before. They vowed to Love, Honor and Respect One Another; Until The End of Time!

Rt. Hon. Tammy Collins Markee, Columnist for K.I.S.H. Magazine (Dynasty of Dreamers).

The Art of Fashion Rohit and Ashuman Garg

The Art of Fashion
Rohit and Ashuman Garg
by Tammy Collins Markee

Rohit and Ashuman Garg, from North India, are the owners of (Parinaz, A Boutique), a highly acclaimed costume boutique in Houston, Texas. They are a husband and wife team. Rohit Garg handles the day-to-day operations of a business that is making unprecedented waves in the fashion industry.
(Parinaz, A Boutique) is an India-design clothing store that caters to the discerning needs of a wide cross-section of women. The boutique is specialized in outfits for weddings, balls, parties, formal events and fashion shows. (Parinaz, A Boutique) stocks jewelry, shoes and clothing.
The boutique serves major players in Bollywood and all around the world. Examples of their clients are: Mrs. Bollywood (Raveen Tondon), other Bollywood Actresses and Celebrities, and aspiring models who have worn their majestic designs.
Their clothing lines unveil a rare combination of strength and strong presence that is totally and aesthetically stunning. With a mixture of sheer sparkle and shimmer, their garments are the last word in regality.
The true essence of a woman shines through the transformational dynamism that the gracefully abiding presence that the garments have. Those proud assets of a woman that endow her with sheer grace all become obvious in fabrics that give a majestic look.
With an extraordinary look, and a touch of the totally dazzling, the brilliance displayed by their creations are such a hallmark of matchless excellence that the intrinsic details are simply a mixture of the unique and the artful.
Conclusively, the clothes from (Parinaz, A Boutique) possesses an ambiance that introduces a confidant woman, with a matchless elegance!

Rt. Hon. Tammy Collins Markee (Columnist for K.I.S.H. Magazine-Dynasty of Dreamers).