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Makeup trends of 2019


Makeup trends of 2019
By: Jamirria Brown

In 2018, makeup trends were all about being bold and colorful with deep counters, multi-colored eyelids, and matte lipsticks. Nothing consisted as “too much” makeup in 2018, but this year we are switching it up with more natural but dramatic looks. Let’s talk about the new makeup trends of 2019!

Colored Liner
This year, people are going for a more subtle look when it comes to makeup, but will add a splash of color to their eyeliner to make a statement and brighten up any outfit!

Bold False Lashes
Everyone loves long lashes, this year we are wearing longer and bolder lashes than ever before. The more dramatic the better!

After a few years of matte lips trending, glossy lips are back! You can never have too much gloss on. We’ve even taken the trend even further with glossy eyeshadows.

Softer counter
Last year was all about dramatic, deep counters to give you the perfect illusion of a face lift, this year we are toning it down with a more softer counter to highlight the natural curves in your face!

Dewy Highlight
This year is all about keeping your skin hydrated and healthy so we have switched to dew gloss highlighters that give the skin a fresh glow.

These new beauty techniques are all about embracing your natural skin, but enhancing your looks with a small pop of color or longer lashes. This year we are using the technique less is more, these trends will have you looking naturally beautiful, glowing, and feeling comfortable!

Fashion Trends 2019

By: Jamirria Brown

In 2018, fashion trends of sports and street wear came back to life. This was a year of extreme contrasts and experts say that in 2019, these fashion trends will be evolving even more.  Let’s look at some upcoming fashion trends for this year.

Athleisure wear
Sweat suits and athletic wear are being worn for everyday purposes other than just working out. The clothing items are so comfy people are starting to make wearing athletic gear look trendy!

Chunky Statement Sneakers  
Remember the 80s? Well these big bulky shoes are coming back in 2019 and are more colorful than ever!

Tie-dyes and rainbows
With people of the LGBQ community being more active and transparent than ever, their colorful symbols to show their pride are on the rise as well!

Jumpsuits are a one-piece trend that started in 2018 and are here to stay for 2019. These suits canbe skin tight for a slim, sexy look to be worn to a party or they can be baggy for a casual look to be work for comfort.

Faux Fur
During the cold months, of course everyone wants to stay warm but you have to be fashionable
as well. This is where the very popular trend of faux fur comes into play. Faux fur is a great
alternative to real clothing items made out of animals. They help our environment and they help
by giving us a little extra boost of confidence wearing our fancy fur!