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Restoring the Prophectic Office by Prophet Terry Weems, Sr.


Restoring the Prophetic Office  By Prophet Terry Weems, Sr.


In a time of chaos, catastrophe and confusion, a prophetic prognosticator is needed. One who can give clear direction and instruction to people in a world that is in constant disorder. This prognosticator must occupy an office that has been established by God. The prophet is a channel in which the Spirit of God flows. He is an interpreter who interprets Gods language and a transmitter who assures the current frequency from Heaven to earth. His mandate is to unlock hearts, unveil Heaven’s secrets, and unfold God’s mystery.

The Prophetic Office is defined as a position of authority, trust, or service. The delicate office of the prophetic has become tainted by those who are misrepresenting the office for personal gain or hidden motives. For this reason people are rejecting what they should be accepting.  If this office is going to be restored it must be occupied by those who are called to know and understand its sacred aspect. Those who cannot handle such an office should not desire to sit in what is reserved for responsible and reliable individuals.

            We hear much talk about the prophetic. However, we hear little truth with concise knowledge of what the prophetic is. The prophetic derives from the heart, will, mind, and council of God. Moreover, should not be limited to personal prophecy. We as prophets have been called to the people to serve. It is not about being served but about serving others. Amos 3:7 says, “The Lord reveals His secrets on to His ‘servants’ the prophets.” Once the prophetic office is restored, the dignity, honor, reputation, and trust is restored. Hosea 12:13 states, “By a prophet the Lord brought Israel out of Egypt, and by a prophet he was preserved.” The prophetic must snatch people out of their modern day Egypt. This refers to tradition, religion, habits, places, and positions, just to name a few.

         The prophetic is not about hype nor emotions. It is about resurrecting one from a mental, moral, spiritual, economic, and relational place. It is the prophetic that stimulates prosperity among the people. Ezra 6:14 discusses how the people prospered through the prophesying of the prophet. The prophet initiates momentum to a people stagnated, immobile, restricted, and confined. This is the reason the enemy attempts to keep people away from the prophet. The prophet has a responsibility to never look at the outer appearance, but to look at the heart through the eyes of God. Samuel almost made a mistake by placing oil on the wrong head. The office of the prophet requires oil for the proper head for authentic functioning and operation.

Ephesians 4:11 discusses the prophetic as one of the ascension gifts of Christ. The prophetic is one aspect of the five-fold ministry that is essential in building the church. The prophet is one who speaks on God’s behalf. He never speaks on his own thoughts, the prophet speaks as God reveals.



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