Celebration of Excellence- Princeton Collins- by Tammy Collins Markee


Celebration of Excellence

Princeton Collins

Drummer + Musician

by Tammy Collins Markee

Princeton Collins is a precocious four-year old drummer. This big city boy from Houston, Texas, has found his true passion as a musical drummer. Princeton started to play the drums at the age of seven months. Princeton is so gifted as to be able to strategically position his drummer sticks, Rim Shots, with intense focus. He is proactive, motivated, and well adjusted. Without doubt, this child prodigy is beckoning with his great destiny.

While engaged in a dynamic crowd-pulling session at the Guitar Center, he also manages to compel the attention of gazing bystanders, even as they will applaud him enthusiastically. Other kids are eager to learn from Princeton.

His musical learning is eclectic. Fueled by creativity, he has found a new and profound gift. He has smoothly transitioned into learning to play the guitar as well.

Princeton’s father has played a big role in his emergence as a prodigy. His father, Crown Collins, is a Mixing Engineer/Producer. He is mix engineer for Kenny Lattimore’s songs: Love Me Back and Heart Stops, on the CD, Anatomy of a Love Song. Crown is filled with gratitude to see his son blaze a new trail for young drummers.

Princeton’s awe-inspiring uniqueness is a ray of sunshine. He is a gem as he displays a passion in his extraordinary pursuit of greatness.

Princeton, ultimately, will impact the world in the finest of artistic styles. He is engaging his golden opportunity to weave himself into the fabric of uncommon destiny, and there is no doubt that his amazing talent will be immensely rewarding in his journey as a timeless musician.

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