Cheryl Wood: The Bonafide Liberator by Tammy Collins Markee

Dynasty of Dreamers
Cheryl Wood
Episode: The Bonafide Liberator
By Tammy Collins Markee

Cheryl Wood is a lady who defines the law of empowerment in its finest form; and she is making a distinct and noble impression on her world.

Cheryl Wood is Founder of Cheryl Wood Empowers, Clinton, Maryland. She has discovered her own purpose; in a quest to make a difference in the lives of countless women. Her spark of life is simply the mantle of leadership. This quiet hero is embracing her life-changing journey as the ultimate people connector; who is teaching about tapping into the creativity of one’s mind.

She has captured the salient truth that we live in the land of opportunity, and by her life example; she displays the embodiment of the soul purpose of mental sharpness with her ability to be a pillar of strength to the community.

A born world changer, she reawakens a place of readiness at which people can enter into a space to spark a revival that will address the heart of the matter; to help others secure their own future.

Her story truly matters, especially to the factual extent that she has an understanding of the profundity of family dynamics; and she is using this to empower those who are still to come to grips with the deepening experience of authentic spirituality.

Even when others have had a brush with success, and then fallen back to old belief thought patterns, especially because the pressure from society does not allow them to have the tenacity and resilience to resist these old patterns of behavior; she manages to imbue in them an enduring sense of hope, love and faith.

She is also obviously a pioneer; who is pursuing perfection in order to help expose and recognize the signs that further serve to make people lose their sense of direction.

As her work continues, to make a greater imprint and indelible mark on the hearts and minds of women around the world. Cheryl Wood, The Bonafide Liberator, as I was inspired to name her. Cheryl Wood is fortifying her life with a proactive stance, and viewpoint that is result oriented for a greater relevance as “The Bonafide Liberator.”

TCM: Kindly give us a brief synopsis of yourself.

CW: “Whenever,  I am asked that question, I like to give a little bit of personal, and a little bit of professional. Because I feel like my business is just as an extension of who I am personally. So, on the personal front, I am a wife. I have been married for ten years, and I am a mom of three. I have a 9 year old, 10 year old, and 13 year old. And my  family is my world.

Professionally, I have been an entrepreneur for eight years. I have been a speaker for six years. And that journey started in 2009, when I had been in Corporate America for 15 years. I had worked as a legal secretary, for 15 years. So, In 2009, I decided that I was done, that I wanted to be liberated. I want to breath that air that most women want, financial freedom, time freedom, & creative freedom. I did not want anybody to put a seal or cap on anything, on my salary, or my creativity or who I am becoming, or the impact that I can make. So, I started a T-shirt business in 2009. It detoured me to speaking, 18 months later. I would go to these vendor events.

And that prepared me, I believe for my real calling; which was speaking. Then, I received a speaking engagement opportunity at Morgan State University, and the rest is history.”

TCM: How can one become sufficiently mentally focused; to overcome the human limitations that prevent us from achieving our desired goals?

CW: “I think that the most simple answer to that is; by focusing more on what you have, than what you are lacking. So, when I first received a speaking opportunity at Morgan State University. I had no experience as a speaker. I did not feel qualified, but I felt called. And sometimes, you are not going to meet everything that is on the qualification list. So, you owe it to yourself, to say “yes,”  to more than you say, “no.” To opportunities that present themselves. Instead, I said that I have a passion, a drive, a story and a message to share with women. So, I focused on that, and I said “yes.”

TCM: How can one become empowered to strengthen the weak linkage between Economic, Social and Environmental Factors?

CW: “I believe the biggest way in terms of the economic, to focus more on, your strengths, than your limitations. What is that unique thing about you; that you bring into the world? And then you take that, what ever that gift is. You find a way to package it. You find a way to offer, it into the marketplace. I do believe in  economic empowerment, especially in the African American Community. Economic Empowerment, that is the Great Liberator. When you create wealth versus just making money. We haven’t been taught to create wealth. The generational wealth that benefits our kids and grand kids, and their kids. And finding a way to take that purpose and calling and packaging it. I believe to be the Great Liberator for me and my family.

I think that we have to focus more on being creators, versus consumers. We have been taught, I believe especially in our community, to be consumers. Instead of becoming creators of something that we can sell in the marketplace; that would shift the trajectory of our own lives. And the lives of our generation to come, who stem from our family and our lineage.”

TCM: How can young ladies break away from the old thought patterns and limiting beliefs of their past?

CW: “Community is powerful. I believe community and mentorship are the two most powerful things; that would allow us to break away from the past. What happened in the past; because oftentimes our own self limiting beliefs are hindering us from moving beyond that past. Sometimes you need someone else; who sees more greatness in you. To come in and interrupt your norm, path of destructive thoughts, words, beliefs, patterns and behaviors. And sometimes you cannot do that on your own.

The power of mentorship is powerful. Having someone to pour into your life; because they see more greatness in you than you do. Until you are able to then interrupt your own norm, and self limiting beliefs.
There is a level of accountability when you are in a positive community. My mom always told me to go where you are celebrated, not tolerated. That is where I go. I go everywhere I am celebrated.

I grew up in the projects of Baltimore, Maryland. Where I came from, poverty was the norm. We were on government assistance. My father was an alcoholic. I didn’t go to college. I had graduated from high school. I went straight from high school into working. So, I can help my mom pay for bills. Everything about my background, when you talk about your past, said “Cheryl, you will never be international anything. Who will ever listen to your voice?

Other people who heard me speak, I believe some of them divinely connected themselves and attached to me. They kept telling me, you have a gift. And the more you hear that, the more you hear that positive reinforcement. And they see something bigger in you, than what you believe in yourself is real. That is why, I am where I am today. That is why I am traveling all over the world.”


TCM: People are so comfortable around you. You bring out the best in others. You make others feel so special, about who they really are.

CW: “It is reciprocal, people did it for me. I feel an obligation and responsibility to now do it for others.”

TCM: How can one truly evolve by shedding the layers of baggage of pain; to make way for the gains that a new life has to offer?

CW: “It is about interrupting your norm. What is thing that has been holding you hostage? I think through self talk, and start to create positive affirmations that you repeat to yourself. It will get you out of that place to being stuck. For me, positive affirmations shifted my belief system. Before I left my corporate job. I hated going to the job; because it did not give me flexibility as a mom. I wanted to be able to take my kids to school everyday. So, I had to start shifting my own belief system, and my thoughts. So every morning I would wake up, I would say: “Cheryl, you are a magnet for success. You have everything it takes to create wealth, abundance, and prosperity. Cheryl, where you are right now, does not dictate where you are going, and who you are becoming. You are powerful, and the world is waiting for you to show up.

I would say that every single day, Tammy. But, then I would laugh, after I would say it; because I still had to get up and go to work. I still had to go to the job, that I detested. It was something that was happening; in my subconscious mind. While I was saying that to myself everyday, and I was starting to believe it.  One day I didn’t laugh anymore. I didn’t laugh after I said it.  You know what I can do this, and all those affirmations to myself the past 4 to 5 months caught up with me. My subconscious mind, had started to shift to no longer believing just words that I am saying;  now this will become a core belief that I felt that I can actually manifest. So, now my actions started aligned with those affirmations. It was an alignment of my actions, with this core belief that I now started to manifest.”