Drs. Ben & Jewel Tankard

Drs. Ben & Jewel Tankard
Dynasty of Dreamers
Episode: Love Ad Infinitum
By Tammy Collins Markee

Love is in the earth. Every couple’s dream is a life of love. Every man’s dream is to find his rib. Every woman’s dream is to find her soul mate, to experience Love Ad Infinitum!   Consistency is the key to executing trust, loyalty, respect and good solid communication. That is what set some couples apart. It is the human nature, that the ray of sun captured the hearts of Drs. Ben and Jewel Tankard, Senior Pastors of Destiny Center Church of Murfreesboro, Tennessee.

This quintessential couple’s love, which is the spiritual component of the unshakeable truth that they display, is the epitome of a model of life that is ruled and governed by God. The Tankards employ impeccable respect, and dignity for the covenant of marriage. This couple’s marriage is a precious commodity!

This husband and wife team, give voice to ignite change as Ministers of the Gospel, and as Market Place Champions. Dr. Ben Tankard is a Music Mogul, world renowned as the (Godfather of Gospel Jazz). He is a Producer, Author and Recording Artist; receiving (15) Stellar Awards and (6) Gold & (15) Platinum Records through out his musical career. He is a gifted artist that enthralls his audiences with his phenomenon musical talents. 

Like her husband, Dr. Jewel Tankard is divinely gifted with a diversity of uncommon intellectual and soul stirring gifts of the spirit. That allows her to operate with maximum efficiency in any area of endeavor that she sets her mind to whether it be in the professional or the personal realm. She is a Business Magnate and a Maven of the global economy.  

Dr. Jewel Tankard (Evangelist/Author) is also, the Founder of The Jewel Tankard Collection, Millionairess Club and the Fortune Group. She is the host of the nationally syndicated, Jewel Tankard Show. In addition, in 2013, The Tankards, co-starred on Bravo TV, Thicker Than Water, which features the preeminent nature of family fellowship and loyalty.  

They are one of America’s leading financial successes. They ultimately are powerful yet intriguing couple that have stakes in many Lucrative Business Enterprises.This Multi-Million Dollar Couple serves as a Beacon of Light to entrepreneurs everywhere seeking to master their financial destiny. They have made a significant contribution to society by sharing God’s Redemptive Plan by bringing a resurgence as catalysts of change to bring economic growth to the melting pot of humanity.

The Tankards are on a mission to enhance quality of life by exploring relevant opportunities in the Marketplace. The Tankards share glorious words with K.I.S.H. Magazine on how to aesthetically help human development on their quest to harvest the progression, that takes place in the essence of one’s spirit. 

They have shown a portrayal of affinity by bringing solidarity to the world to change the course of history through ministry, family, music, and entrepreneurship. They confirm their commitment to exercise the responsibility to take inventory of life by presenting a signature Hallmark of positivity in the universe. 

They are making an indelible mark by seeking to perform their duty as the majestic creme de la creme of dignitaries in our world. We will continue to see more of this loving couple in the days ahead. LONG LIVE the Tankards!

TCM: Marriage is the cornerstone and pillar of the community. What manifold wisdom can you share on faith and family?

Dr. Ben Tankard: “Love them right where they are. Many times, we try to make people be something that they aren’t, or aren’t ready to be yet. Forgive quickly, talk about the challenges we all face. Support and be there in whatever way they need.”

Dr. Jewel Tankard: “We all have opinions and emotions, but the Bible needs to the be final authority. Create consistency, go out on dinner dates, create a family text group, etc. Now that the children are all young adults; we had to be creative in our planned activities with them.” 

TCM: Your marriage is an epitome of the ambience of Love. How can married couples safeguard their marriage covenant to prevent divorce?

Dr. Ben Tankard: “Couples must make it a goal and priority to do new things, have fun. Many people get too serious about themselves and their spouses. Have fun by continuing to stay fresh.”

Dr. Jewel Tankard: “I like to tell couples to stay fresh. Staying fresh means, keeping excitement in the marriage. Many couples get to the point where they know their spouses every move, word, etc. I think it is important to constantly evolve in a relationship.”

 TCM: What is your ‘Philosophy of Business’?

 Dr. Ben Tankard: “All strategies are transitional. People change, things change, everything changes, so be ok with it. Don’t make excuses, make improvements. Be honest have integrity. Don’t be afraid to not take the deal. You don’t have to say yes to everything right away.”

Dr. Jewel Tankard: “Continue to be open to new ideas. Surround yourself with smart people on your team. Surround yourself with people who are smarter than you, and will challenge you to develop in your area of expertise. I like to say get around people who make you stretch and uncomfortable.”

TCM: Dr. Jewel Tankard, you are a Brilliant Businesswoman with priceless professionalism, intellect, mental prowess and clarity as well as an aficionado of the capital investment arena. You have helped countless women to tap into the Millionaire Mindset. What is your definition of the ‘psychology of money’?

Dr. Jewel Tankard: “Our ideas are based on the behaviors we saw growing up. Scarcity or abundance views are based on your past. Don’t be afraid of money. Work on maintaining a balance and work through those issues. If you’re open to change, you can get a healthy relationship with money.”

TCM: Dr. Ben Tankard, you have a well-honed instinct for entrepreneurship and music. Your work has laid down a Framework for Artistic Creativity, and have such a reservoir of musical genius inside of you. What advice would you have for individuals; who wish to attain the pinnacle of success in these fields?

Dr. Ben Tankard: “I always tell people who are interested in the business to develop the gift and gain a business acumen. Many Artists are creative but the creativity can overwhelm the business aspect which gets them in trouble.”

TCM: There are many ups and downs in life. What advice would you have for others on how to “gain from their pains”?

Dr. Ben Tankard: “God hides His greatest gifts inside flawed vessels. You can only extract those hidden gems through Love and Respect.”

Dr. Jewel Tankard: “Don’t focus on the past pain. Many people been raised to be the victim of their circumstances. Gain from the pain means not focusing on what happened to hurt you. It can be a distraction. Anything that puts you at a disadvantage is not good for your psyche. Lose the victim mentality.” 

 TCM:  Countless people are facing economic maelstrom. Do you agree that your faith grounds your decision making in all aspects of your economic life?

Dr. Ben Tankard: “In every decision, our faith should be priority. So, for example, to a question such as “Does the Lord want me to take that new job or stay with the one I already have?” There are a lot of criteria to consider. One making such a decision might ask the following questions: “Does it pay more?” “Does it require anything of me that will be a disadvantage to my spiritual growth and duties?” “Does it have better hours?” “Does it have good benefits?”  Faith will simply cause one to put the questions in the right order, as the decision is being made.”

Dr. Jewel Tankard: “Part faith, part education. Your faith and education create a great skillset partnership. Faith alone does not automatically create an economic acumen.” 

TCM:  How can one strike a balance between pursuing their faith and their fortune? 

Dr. Ben Tankard: “Faith without works is no faith at all. Works without faith are not sustainable. Faith is demonstrated by works; work driven by faith is a great balance.”  

Dr. Jewel Tankard: “Understand you can’t just go to church. Greeting is not an industry; stay open to new ideas and concepts. Serve in your church. Work for your money.”

TCM: Do you believe that “love” is the sacred journey, that it is the embodiment of any successful relationship and all successful living?

Dr. Ben Tankard: “It is because our own human existence is so dependent on others, that our need for love lies at the very foundation of our existence. Therefore, we need a genuine sense of responsibility, and a sincere concern for the welfare of others. We will strive to be successful because of this concern.”

 Dr. Jewel Tankard: “Love is what is referred to as your passion, your burning desire. Without love your success will feel empty. To dedicate your life to love is the ultimate secret to success because love is intelligent. Every loving thought is a source of strength that helps to create a more beautiful life.”

 TCM: How can we reach the unreached generations to help develop growth and advancement for dreams to come true?

 Dr. Ben Tankard: “Be culturally engaged. Be authentic. Care about their concerns. Talk with those in their twenties and early thirties. Discover their likes and dislikes. Ask for their input. Actually, befriend them.”

 Dr. Jewel Tankard: “Let’s start a conversation. We must create platforms and safe place for their dreams and gifts to be exhibited. We can’t be afraid of exposure to new ideas, and concepts.
TCM: What do you wish to be your crowing global lasting legacy?

Dr. Ben Tankard: “I am the Godfather of Gospel Jazz man. I want people to remember that I was hungry to improve and change others and himself.”

Dr. Jewel Tankard: “I want to be known that I pushed women to not be afraid of their greatness. When they embrace their greatness, it changes society and it changes everyone they are around.” 

Rt. Hon. Tammy Collins Markee, Columnist for K.I.S.H. Magazine (Dynasty of Dreamers)