Finding Your Beat: An Interview With Stefon Washington

stefon washington

Interview By: Taijay Blagrove

Recently I interviewed actor Stefon Washington. Stefon is starring in the new film All Eyez on Me. He will be playing the role of entertainment/media mogul, Puff Daddy. All Eyez on Me chronicles the life of iconic rapper Tupac Shakur and his rise to superstardom.

Q: What inspired you to pursue acting?

A: “I wouldn’t even say it was an inspiration. I auditioned to sing for Disney but they give you a script afterwards. So, you are kind of [groomed] into being an actor or you’re not going to work for Disney. . . . I was kind of just thrown into learning scripts and it became a natural thing because learning lines was easier than I expected. I got to thank Disney for even opening up that door to think about if I would ever act to begin with.”

Q: What message do you want people to get from All Eyez on Me?

A: “The biggest message that I think I want people to get from the movie is that this is about Tupac. I can assume that everybody is probably thinking that they’re going to get a big movie of drama and fighting back and forth with Bad Boys {Records} and {Death Row Records}. But this movie is about “Tupac, Tupac, and Tupac.” It starts from when he was a kid and his mother was in the “Black Panthers,” and it goes all the way until his death. . . . A lot of people need to know that there is going to be a lot of things that they’re going to see in the movie that they didn’t know about Tupac. His mom had a lot of wisdom and stories for her sons. A lot of people are going to learn more about Tupac than they’ve known. You [have] a lot of Tupac fans who don’t know about Tupac [because] it’s a different era. This movie can be more of an informational piece, an “alpha movie.”

Q: What advice do you have for prospective actors and actresses?

A: “If you’re too tired than you’re probably doing something right. This industry isn’t for the weak-minded or the lazy. You [must] get up . . . and make it happen. . . . A lot of actors ended up making it at the age of almost forty or at forty. What people don’t realize is that [they have] . . . fifteen-twenty years before that [age] happens. There is no rest for those who really want it.”

Q: How can our readers get in contact with you?

A: “You can reach me on any social media platform at “Stefon4u.” Instagram, Twitter, I am pretty friendly. You can talk to me and I’ll be happy to help anybody that needs help and speak positively.

Q: When is the movie supposed to be released?

A: “June 16th, [which is also] Tupac’s birthday.”

Q: How is it being able to play the role of Puff Daddy?

A: “It’s cool. Being from D.C. you got to see a lot of Puff Daddy because he went to Howard University. So, he would always come back and shut the city down and do a lot for [Howard’s] homecoming. You got to see his mannerisms a lot. It is a blessing to be even affiliated with someone that sings hip-hop. I am blessed to be Puff Daddy in more than one role. I am playing Puff Daddy in an Oxygen series called The Story of 103, that is coming out soon. To be able to embody that character more than once and I’d do it again, is a blessing.”

Q: Do you have any upcoming projects?

A: I am in negotiation with some other shows, a possible Netflix pilot. I am writing my own show called “Hardly Working,” that is getting close to casting. My new single titled “Wait” featuring Young Joc, is set to be released June 13th.”

I’d like to thank Stefon Washington for conducting this interview with K.I.S.H. Magazine and on behalf of our editor-in-chief Dr. Kishma George. If you want to listen to any of Stefon’s music, visit iTunes at