He Restoreth! by Chanel Walker-Bailey

He Restoreth!

I’ve never known anything else but mediocracy and poverty most of my life. Big  fancy stuff never seemed to be within reach for me. Ten years ago when I was presented with the opportunity to live in a brand new house built from the ground up outside of the only state I’ve ever lived in, I thought it was nothing but a dream. But It came to pass! After only knowing life in housing projects, rented homes in drug infested neighborhoods and literally dodging gun shots, I found myself walking into what seemed like a castle to me! I was finally the princess I only envisioned I could be! I never knew living like this could ever be possible.

The dream however was extremely short lived. Just 6 months after moving into this incredible abode, I was forced to move out. Just like that, I woke up and lost it all.

Devastation and pain beyond description is how I was left. Scrambling to find shelter and having no other options but to return back to the average way of life that I’ve always known. The loss was not my fault yet incredibly gut wrenching to my soul and my faith. I felt slighted and grossly cheated. Did I even and will I ever deserve more was the question I asked myself and God.

Nearly 10 years after this insult, God has restored! No I don’t live in a big fancy new home but the Lord allowed me to purchase another on my own in less time than normally required. Every ounce of resources needed for the transaction fell into place.

I didn’t think homeownership was possible in less than three years after a major short sale that literally crippled my credit worthiness!

Today you may be angry at God for losing something you worked extremely hard to acquire. That promotion, that job, that business, that marriage, that child…. You may have lost these things and your life feels like it will never get better, but GOD!

He restores and has something so much bigger in your very near future if you just find away to trust Him again. Trust Him with the process. Trust Him with your heart. Trust Him with everything within you!

I am waiting for some really big things to occur in my life. They are so much greater than me that I know it will take nothing but His grace, His mercy, and his unmerited favor to come to pass! No one will get the credit once what he has revealed to me in the spirit makes its debut in the natural!

God is still God no matter what you have lost! He will provide and He will restore!

Chanel Walker-Bailey

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