10 Simple Steps On Becoming A Better You! By Titi Adamolekun

“ The only person that you should try to be better than, is nobody else but  your old self.” ~ Edmond Mbiaka

We all are human and sometimes we forget that we can never be perfect, but yet we strive to set the highest of perfection that we can take. In life we get caught up in situations that can take a turn for the worst. These situations could be the biggest mistake you’ve made in life and might even felt a little guilt and tried to grow because of the situation. It may be time to understand that you’ll never be perfect, but that doesn’t mean you can’t grow to strive to be the best person that you can be for yourself. If you decide that this person who I’m describing is you and you want to make a change and began to keep growing as a better person, here are 10 simple steps on becoming a better you.


1.Elevate Your Mind And Spirits
Our thoughts determine the classification of our experiences in life. If we believe more great things and think positive or helpful thoughts there will be more positive outcomes.Our hearts ,soul, and belief creates our reality. A process to help elevate your mind and spirits could be writing down your negative thoughts. Once you write down your negative thoughts, replace each negative thought will be a positive one.

2. Surface The Truth
Shut the world out and go deep into your mind. The place that you rather not go in and separate the facts from the lies. Once so, find yourself the facts and heal the pieces back together again only this time you’re making it whole and stronger than ever.

3. Let Go of Any Unreleased Anger
While emotions are perfectly normal, and anger is apart of your emotional state, if that anger tends to build up and make you tick. It may cause an unhealthy environment for your mental state causing you to make unwise decisions. It may affect your sleeping which then can also take a turn to health problems.

4 . Learn To Forgive
When you learn to forgive, you’re taking another step forward to becoming a more defined person. If we don’t forgive we are letting the moment, that memory, or mistake determine who we are as a person. Forgiveness helps release resentment, the hatred that we have for either another individual, a moment of time or even possibly something that us humans did to ourselves because sometimes we believe that what we did, can’t be forgiven .

5. Be Open To Change
Change is the word that we fear the most. We are so used to the same pattern that we live in our everyday lives and when it’s time for change we don’t know how to adapt and that’s the most scary part. Start with a small change in your life. This change can be anything, whether it’s trying a new restaurant, changing your style, traveling to an undiscovered part of the world or doing something that you always feared.

6. Self Care
This can take you a long way. Taking proper care of your mind, body and soul can help manage the challenges that you face in life. Something that you can do for your self care can include eating healthy, doing face masks, meditation and relaxing in a nice hot bath.

7. Connect With Nature
The world is such a rare and beautiful place but in today’s society we all know are phones, work, and TV. Take a step down, go outside and take a nature walk to discover something new about the world. Take part in a community outreach and offer your services for the greater good. Doing this will help you become a better person and you may just learn something new .

8. Give Yourself Some “Me Time”
We all heard of the term “Me Time”, where you’re too stressed out and need to disconnect from the world and find yourself. In order to accomplish this, wake up an hour early. This is proving to make your day starts off with more positivity and more encouraging opportunities. Say something positive, encourage yourself. In addition to waking up an hour earlier than you usually do, take some time to find a new hobby. Weather it be a new book to read, painting the sunrise or even cleaning your house.

9. Love Yourself
Self love is the most important thing. Have you ever heard of the expression “ Put Your Oxygen Mask on First?” This expression simply means, if you don’t help yourself first then how are you expected to help others. Act on what you need rather than what you want, you need to set boundaries, forgive yourself and protect yourself.

10. Be Yourself!
Never change who you are to please another individual. You are uniquely designed for your own purpose. People respect those who are authentic to who they really are, always appreciate yourself and when you do that you are truly becoming a better you! With that being said always remember stay true, stay bold, be confident and be you.