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Ambassador Venesia Williams is a Mother, Minister, Prophetess, Prophetic Life Coach, Empowerment Speaker, Author, Entrepreneur and the Co-Founder of The Power Of Love Ministry and The Power Of Love Empowerment Centre. Partnering with Jesus who is the Head of the Church and CEO of this move of God, which was officially founded 27th May 2016.

This movement was originally formed after Venesia had a powerful life changing encounter with Jesus and received the revelation to use what the enemy meant for bad for good to Glorify the Name of The Lord and formed a group impacting and transforming lives on the phone application Whats App in 2015. Which expanded into a international community online, where Venesia invests her time pouring into people building, educating, equipping and empowering people through the word of God and Power of the Holy Spirit.

Venesia comes from a very strong church back ground as her mother has been pastoring over 18 years. She’s grew up in the church but the church was not in her until she decided to get to know Jesus for herself. Through the many trials and test she had to face over the years. her faith in God increased, drawing her closer to Him.

This gave her the strength and courage she needed to embrace the process to mature in Christ and become a fruitful, rooted and grounded Kingdom Citizen. Venesia proclaiming the Good News to the nations by any means necessary. Taking social media by storm spreading the gospel daily with her pop up empowerment scopes, encouraging, edifying and winning souls for the Kingdom of God.

As a single, saved woman of God raising two children with the Lord, I have a special passion for single women and single parents. I thrive on empowering people to trust in the Lord and build a personal, unbreakable relationship with Him; and providing them with tools from the Bible and my own personal experiences to equip them with strategies they can apply immediately.

Although this is my primary target market, these tools can work for everyone, which is why it’s open to you all. I will help you face your fears and overcome your anxieties by turning your fears into faith; break all barriers and limitations to stretch you to your full capacity and birth out the hidden treasures within you.

As a coach I have the ability and expertise to see in people what they don’t see in themselves. My main task is to give you clarity and to teach you how to pull out the purpose within you. Some of my clients already know their purpose but need that extra push to walk into it boldly and without fear.
Almost like a spiritual mid-wife needing someone to instruct you on when it’s the right time to push and when to breathe, so you will deliver your purpose on time and full term, not prematurely or give up and abort it all together because of lack of knowledge.
This is a specific kind of coaching, It’s not counselling in the traditional sense, its a lot more than just talking about your hurts or problems, We will come up with a strategic way to overcome them so you can move forward and push past all your pain, hurt and failures. Using it to catapult you into your purpose and make your dreams a reality.

Venesia has empowered and launched many people into their purpose through her online coaching programmes which is designed for everyone with purpose because we all have a right to know who we are. The service she offers is more about uncovering who God says you are, what God says your talents and calls in your life are, how to make a plan to walk into your purpose, be who God Has called you to be .

She offers her clients life-coaching with a prophetic edge to it, using Biblical principles and strategies to set achievable targets and goals . Prophetic life coaching, this is more about investing in yourself to discover who you are by discovering who God says you are. And as I flow in the prophetic very strongly, it’s a way of using my gifts from God combined with the knowledge and training she gained from years and years of studying in the counselling, health and social care sector to teach others do the same.

I’ve been inspired by so many fore runner that has paved the way before me like Joyce myers, Dr Myles Munroe, Dr Cindy Trimm, Bishop T.D Jakes, Dr Jasmin Sculark, One of my favourite leadership mentors John Maxwell and Dr Juanita Bynum hearing her message no more sheets literately shifted my whole life, that night i experienced the power of God and had an angelic encounter which made me want to get to know more and more about God, I was filled with the Holy Spirit in my house, I not only became hungry and thirsty for the word of God but i was hungry and thirsty for the presence of the God of the Word.

The bible tells us in Matthew 6:33 (KJV)
But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you.

This scripture manifested in my life the more i would seek God the more He would show up in my life, it was like love at first sight. I wanted to share my relationship with everyone I felt his love and peace. I was confident in His word that He would never leave me or forsake me and i was forgiven. He turned my test into testimonies, my mess into a message and my darkness into marvellous light. He empowered me to use what the enemy meant for bad for my good. In my book Turning Point I share a lot about the process i had to go through to birth out my purpose, It was not easy but learning how to partner with God and not only make Him head over my life and my family but i had to surrender everything all to Him and make Him the CEO of my businesses too. That is when i truly began to see fruitfulness in my life and God began to open doors for me and connect me to the right people at the right time and He gave me a voice of change, I was no longer bound by the shame, guilt or fear from my past, He turned my pain into power.

Partnering with God has helped me to endure the process of all the pruning and the pressing I had to go through to produce the oil on my life, it costed me everything. If you want the promise you have to go through the process, God will give you the strength, faith, guidance and wisdom you need to succeed.

When you have God by your side your have power and victory. I say that so confidently because i know who i am who God says that i am and that all things are working together for the good of those who love God and are called according to His purpose. No one can walk into their purpose and achieve their dream with a deceived image of themselves.

You can not allow fear to hold you hostage to the past, hurt, pain, regrets and failures. Don’t let fear stagnate you, the enemy uses fear to work as an immobiliser to destroy your destiny, to sabotage your success and to procrastinate your purpose and keep you from moving forward and believing bigger.

God hasn’t given you the spirit of fear but of power, love and a sound mind, the bible says that the righteous may fall seven times, but they will rise back up again.


The process is uncomfortable and it doesn’t feel good, but as a believer you go through it not only for you, but those who are connected and assigned to you.

The bible says in John 15:4 Remain in me, as I also remain in you. No branch can bear fruit by itself; it must remain in the vine. Neither can you bear fruit unless you remain in me.

Did you realise that your testimony is fruit, all the trials and tribulations that you been overcome and maybe going through right now is producing fruit in your life. Remember Gifts are given but fruits are grown when God gave me this revelation it shifted my mindset and totally changed my attitude to trials i had to face and overcome. In the book of revelations 12:11 it tells us that we have conquered the enemy by the blood of the lamb and the words of our testimony, The enemy tried to kill me, steal my peace and abort my purpose, But God made sure that i lived to tell it,He restored me and set me free, i am a living testimony of His grace, mercy and greatness, This empowered me to become intentional with my prayers to God, So i prayed for understanding, revelation and wisdom, which downloaded the solutions and divine strategies i needed to continue to fight the good fight of faith and not grow weary in well doing.

I started to examine myself and ask God what are you trying to develop in me Lord or what are you trying to uproot and cut out of me. And The Holy Spirit took me on a in depth study on the fruits of the Spirit and the works of the flesh in Galatians 5, God wants us to represent Christ and be fruitful in every area of our lives, He wants us to produce love, joy, peace, long suffering, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, ]gentleness and self-control. He desires for us all to be Sons of God and to manifest His Glory throughout this earth realm, We are kingdom heir and joint heir with Christ.

I want to encourage you today to remain in Christ it is only in Him that you can truly maximise to your full potential and live life more abundantly.

Whats your dream ?

How can you achieve your dream ?

What is stopping you ?

In order to achieve your dream you must believe you can achieve, you have to be intentional with working towards it by setting small targets and goals and accomplishing them, Sometime we can find ourselves so focused on the Big picture we never pick up the paint brush and start creating it, Your mind is a womb of creativity that is filled with ideas to create wealth and launch you into your purpose. I believe when God gives you a dream it is way bigger than you, if you can achieve your dream all by yourself its a goal not a dream, You need God to supernaturally impose to make your dreams a really, Because anything from God requires God to accomplish it, I learnt this the hard way by God closed all the doors and letting me exhaust all my resources. So i can know that He is the main source for every resource. When i didn’t know where the funds would come from at the last minute God would show up and bless me. i know what it means to live by faith and not by sight. This is why i am so passionate about people turning your fear into faith. Today i want to empower you to eliminate all the toxic thoughts from your mind and remain focused the key to achieving your dream is consistency, do not give up persist against all the resistance and be determined not to limit your Dreams but DREAM BIGGER, in the words of walt disney “All our dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue them”.

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