Dreamers and Wishers By: Jamirria Brown

What sets the dreamers apart from the wishers? The answer is action! If you have a dream, you need to set a plan and put that plan into action in order to make your dreams a reality. The reason why people do not take action and work towards their dreams is because of lack of motivation. Lack of motivation can be caused by:

Fear is another word for saying you don’t believe in yourself. If you have a dream and haven’t put your plans into action yet, it could be because you are afraid to fail, to embarrass yourself, or even afraid of success. When you are feeling scared of your dreams, you should think about your past achievements and how great you felt once you achieved a difficult goal. It is also important to figure out what exactly you are afraid of and to understand that if your dreams do not scare you then they aren’t big enough!

Not having a strong reason of why:
Knowing your ‘why’ means to know why you are doing something and having a purpose for doing it as well. Sometimes we do things just because it sounds good or for the approval of other people; there is nothing wrong with being inspired by what we see other people do, but know what you are supposed to be doing. It is important to know your ‘why’ because if you are not doing something for the right reasons it is not going to work out.

Being Overwhelmed:
When you think about a big goal that you have, it is normal to get overwhelmed. This feeling comes from the thought of actually putting your goal into action and not knowing where to start. Sometimes we tend to get stressed when taking on a new task or when change comes our way and as a result, we procrastinate. The key to resolving this issue is to develop a structure for your project, break it down into sections in chronological order and develop a timeline to have each step done. It is better to take each step slowly at your own pace than to rush things and not have them done properly.

Once you fix these issues within yourself, it is easier to become motivated. Motivation is the key to achieving any dream and if you lack motivation it would be impossible to start anything! Finally, always remember that until you act on a dream, it is just a wish.