Erica Parker

Erica Parker is a native Philadelphian. If one could describe the life of Ms. Parker, it would be two words, perseverance and resilience. Confronted early in her life with childhood rape, teenage pregnancy, illiteracy, poverty and substance abuse, she was able to overcome the stigma of being just another statistic. Instead of giving up, Erica looked up and found that God had a plan for her life, and so began the making of a ministry, Safe Harbor for Women and Children Ministry.

Erica always had the heart for those suffering from the ills of society and especially for hurting people. What she didn’t know was that the Lord would use her personal trials to help others turn their pain into power.

In 1989, the process of cleaning Erica’s life started. Being led by the Lord, Erica began to help others, by opening up her home and feeding the homeless and poor, distributing clothing and personal items, being a chauffeur, counselor and advocate for anyone who expressed their desire for change. And change is what Erica is all about.

During the early 1990’s, Erica also began to hold meetings in her home for women. This was a ministry that she later said; “God had prepared this organization for me.” She was a natural for understanding the plight of emotionally traumatized individuals in society. She took her services onto the street corners, in prisons, hospitals, mental institutions and homeless shelters and expanding services to men, women and children.

Throughout the years, Erica had successfully overcome illiteracy and completed entrepreneur studies at Women’s Opportunity Resources Center. She also attended Manna Bible Institute and Temple University Career Center, as well as, Mel Floyd School of Evangelism and Missions. Erica has operated a successful childcare business, Safe Harbor Child Care Center in addition to being the executive director of Safe Harbor for Women and Children, a non-profit that reaches out to hurting people and has continued to assist others with Turning their pain into power.

In 2002, Erica started conducting Turning Your into Power conferences and speaking at various places.

In 2008, Erica experienced several traumatic experiences such as divorce, she failed her first semester at Lincoln University, She was soon evicted from her home and Safe Harbor .
Erica lost everything even her mind. Doctor’s informed her family that she would never be of sound mind again and would require some one to take care of her the rest of her life. But God showed up and showed out Erica was released from the hospital without meds clothed and dressed in her right mind!!!!!

In 2010, Erica Parker graduated from Lincoln University’s Master of Human Services/Concentration Counseling Program.

Erica Parker is a Motivational Speaker. She has helped people turn from drug addictions, suicide attempts, physical and emotional abusive relationship. Erica is also an outpatient therapist from 2010 until present has assisting those in society with psychological issues such as Depression, PTSD, Schizophrenia, Bi- Polar and Anxiety. To God Be The Glory!

Erica Parker currently attends New Mercy Ministries under the spiritual leadership of Apostle Tim and Pastor Michelle Brinson who has encouraged her to be all that the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ has predestined her to be.

Erica Parker has created a book titled Turning Your Pain into Power ©. Erica has been clean from crack cocaine for nearly 30 years and has a heart for those who suffer with addictions which consume our society. Erica Parker can be reached at