God Did Not Tell You to Lie Dormant!

Niadu Allen
“From motherless at the age of 2, tampered with and seal broken at the age of 6 and ongoing through my teen years, homeless and pregnant at the age of 17 (but still yet graduated from high school including many days taking wash-ups in the high school girls bathroom from sleeping in basements and cars the night before; yet I was determined to graduate from high school, abusive relation(slip) to marriage from the ages of 16-21), facing 25 years in prison at the age of 21, my sister was murdered at the age of 29 (I was 26) and I literally lost my mind. I believed God didn’t love me by taking my Mom and Sister both at the ages of 29… BUT God….I have finished writing my first book entitled, “God Did Not Tell You to Lie Dormant!” due out in August 2017. This revelation deals with the assigned purposes and plans for our lives as Women, to rise up from molestation, rape, abuse, defeat, ridicule, addictions, rejection, and every assigned attack from the enemy that was meant to keep us down and disfigured. I gave the pieces of my life to the Lord at the age of 21 while I was in route to perform my first stripper event (God canceled that assignment). I completed my Bachelor of Science degree and currently working on my Master’s Degree. I counsel women in shelters and also women in Prison, reducing recidivism by providing resources and housing through the State of Mo. I am a community activist in the low undeserved areas of St. Louis, Mo. I am looking to purchase our first property for transitional homes for Women/children. My Ministry, that God ordained, is called Deliberately Chosen Ministries which houses the transitional program, “Rise, Reconnect, Recover, Rebuild!” Deliberately Chosen” comes from the original text of 1st Corinthians 1:25-29…” The Grace of God has been over my life, continuously.

God Bless!
Niadu O Jackie Allen
Founder/CEO of Deliberately Chosen Ministries & Rise, Reconnect, Recover, Rebuild!
Email: Dcministries07@gmail.com
Facebook: Niadu Deliberately Chosen Allen