Inspirational Time by Morgan Taylor Thornton

Hey Dreamers!

Sometimes following your dreams can be tough and the road can be draining and scary. Sometimes we don’t feel like we’re cut out for what we want and sometimes everything seems like it’s against us.
There are moments where we feel like “maybe this isn’t for me” or “maybe God is telling me I can’t do this.”
But I’m here to let you know, that you don’t your dreams just for them not to be true.
You are exactly where you’re supposed to be and just trust the journey and the process.

I personally can attest that going after your dream is hard. Last year, I had a major goal set for me that I worked super hard to accomplish and throughout my journey I had many moments where I was ready to give up and throw in the towel.
But it’s funny how God works…
Just as I was ready to quit, I had a huge epiphany.
“The journey to our dreams is more important than accomplishing the dream itself.”
My journey to my goal was God’s way of bringing me closer to Him and also preparing me for what my goal actually entailed. I’m blessed enough to say that I accomplished this goals of mine and I’m grateful that God allowed me to not quit. However, I’m more grateful that God made me have the journey He did because the fruits that were worked in my spirit and the character building that came from the hardships during that time are the exact tools that I use everyday to keep my dream and what I accomplished alive and well.

God knows what He is doing! My hope for you is to look into your journey and figure out what God is teaching and building within you– because that’s where the magic is!

So no, you’re not dreaming the wrong dream
You are not incapable of accomplishing any and everything your heart desires
And you’re definitely not dreaming too big.
You are just going through a process that is made to help you sustain and guide you to your dream. Keep going and don’t quit.
Because you are closer then you think!

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