Jessica Mumford

Jessica Mumford Bio:
(originally from a small town Berlin,Md born & raised, currently live in NJ)
Around the age of 6 months my parents noticed I had some type of skin issue but thought I would grow out of it quickly.
Soon after turning 3 years old my skin started breaking out terribly & I scratched so much I would make myself bleed & hair started falling out. Throughout my childhood my parents & I traveled to meet with different doctors every month to get treatment for this serious skin condition & even hospitalized at John’s Hopkins for weeks. After meeting with one of the doctors I was diagnosed with a SERIOUS case of atopic dermatitis. This doctor also prescribed a cream that made my life worse instead of better. It discolored my face from the rest of my body which made my school bullying even worse. I was called names like blackie, burnt cookie, oreo cookie, burnt girl, midnight, ugly & the most horrible names which made me down myself for years through out my school days. As I grew older I finally found a doctor that could turn my life around. There are many people in this world going through the same situations & they need to know that through all their perseverance they can live out their dreams & accomplish every goal set for themselves. Self development is VERY important. I let my skin condition define me for so long & when I finally broke out of the shell the sky was the limit. My purpose is to give others this same feeling of confidence, self love & understanding that loving the skin their in is the most rewarding factor of their lives.My message is to let all individuals (mostly to youth when most vulnerable) in this world with skin conditions or any other obstacle in their life that their dreams can be accomplished once they are confident enough to love themselves!!!! And I want to share my story with the world while touching others out here dealing with the same struggles.