My name is Min. Che’ri Humphrey, M.Ed, Founder & President of DIAMONDS IN THE ROUGH…FINDING THE SPIRIT IN ME INT’L MINISTRY ORGANIZATION (web address below). There isn’t enough time to give my story, and it stills continues since being homeless for 5 months, and 5 days of living in my car from July 11 to November 16, 2017. When I gave this interview on July 20, 2017 I was homeless at the time. It was during May when I began selling paper books of books published in 2011 that original had as E books on Amazon. My first self-published book was in 2002 when I began doing spoken word professionally, started projects with DITR. July 23rd I wrote 5 books in 2 days, and then another the following week. Those book descriptions can be found on www.ditrfindingthespiritinme.org/books which I personally have been selling since July and aren’t available on Amazon. My books deal with social and personal issues, such as: Poverty, police brutality, black on black crime, suicide, depression, low self esteem, and homelessness. I also have adult books, such as my master’s thesis on Black relationships. And KC Entertainment author June West whom I’ve been promoting with her best selling book, “9 Months, 3 Days, & 28 Minutes,” “In the Eyes of the Enemy,” “Love Letters…”



I’m giving my 23rd event for Diamonds in the Rough (DITR) in February next year. I’d like to extend this invitation to YOU as a guest to attend DIAMONDS IN THE ROUGH’s PROMISES 7 FUNDRAISER & AWARDS CEREMONY LUNCHEON on Saturday, February 10th from 12-2 (food & awards). DITR is seeking to raise funds to help us continue, and in need of silent Angel Investors. Our “Running Into the Light 5,” Women’s Survivors of Abuse activities will be from 2-4 pm at the Burroughs Community Center in Black Rock, CT.

I will be honoring many for their self-less devotion, care, love, giving, persistence in uplifting; encouraging, motivating, educating, and enhancing our community, families, etc. whether it has been through spreading the gospel of Christ, or serving in charitable capacity, in the arts, in media, in business, in outreach on the platform that God has graced you with. They have been a backbone, a trailblazer, a gift, and a blessing to many.

On this day we’ll also be reaching out to RIL-RUNNING INTO THE LIGHT 5- Women Survivors of Abuse with educational, prevention awareness, and some hands-on activities toward the end of afternoon. So, if there’s anyone you know who may benefit please share the information. You can go to www.ditrfindingthespiritinme.org or City of Stamford under Youth Services, or Talk 2 Me Radio www.blogtalkradio.com/talk2cheri for more information. My email to respond to is cherihumphrey@gmail.com. Please read page two for all details. Early Bird Registration deadline is 12/15/17.

If you can’t attend please spread the word so in hopes of DITR getting a silent investor to assist us financially in getting to the next level in God, and solidify funding.

Min. Che’ri Humphrey

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