Not Even a Smell of Fire

Fashion guru, entrepreneur, and financier, Whitney Bovastro is a dynamic individual with deep spiritual roots. This deep chocolate, sun-kissed melanin daughter of Zion, has been through hell and back. As the word states, you cannot smell or visually see the fires she has been through, and she is a testament that no rivers have overtaken her.

Whitney Bovastro has gone through tremendous fires that have brought unimaginable pain and trauma.  In one year, she lost her only sibling to suicide that shook their family to the core. Just when their family could not have imagined anything else to happen, the death of her husband further sent trauma throughout their family. Between these deaths, the loss of other family members and the losses that come with life seemed unbearable. 

Many watched in awe as this Queen continued to manage her businesses, most notably, her boutique, known as Queen B Boutique, mount up in her God-given authority.
She stood and looked trauma in the face with grace and an unrelenting strength yet remained the delicate and compassionate mother that her children and others needed. 

Whitney does not shy away from the challenges that she has experienced.   Whitney admits to having vulnerable moments where she felt like she about to lose it.  Processing all the trauma, felt like massive hurricanes constantly re-altering her life without permission. 

In the end, Whitney knows that God is the author and finisher of her fate. Whitney knew that there was depth, breadth, and width that God would allow her to experience and see his face, hand, and heart in new ways. She knew and continues to stand on, knowing that she is a gift. Scripture says that every good and perfect gift comes from above. She trusts that God is perfecting her as the gift she is in this earth realm to bring glory to God.

Whitney and her mom, Nikki Collier Preyear, are educating people about mental health help, treatment, and the need to avoid mental health as a stigma and suicide prevention.

Whitney continues to support her children and family unit to heal from the loss of her husband, Demetrius Bovastro.

Whitney has a newfound voice and her battle cries are for all women to know they are genuinely valued. Many women have become broken and as a result, the enemy has silenced their voices.  As a society, we can feel muteness of those voices in almost every arena possible. The voice of a woman has tremendous power. If we visualized how Hanna requested to have a son, we could see correlations of that kind of faith in Whitney Bovastro.  When the townspeople said Hanna was drunk, she was not phased because she had an awareness through her relationship with God that her voice had reached God. As women become aware of their value; we can move forward as a community. A woman’s voice can help us to move forward as a community.  Her voice lends itself to help teach our sons and daughters.  Albeit things may not come easy, and things may even become downright exasperating; with God, we are over-comers. We can triumph over anything – absolutely anything.

Story Written and Submitted by: Katrina L. Long-Currie, M.Ed.  Chaplain, Realtor ® 

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