The Glory Road is Right Around the Corner

The Glory Road is Right Around the Corner

As the body of Christ, we are living in a time when God’s glory is going to be revealed in unprecedented ways. We will see the glory revived, awakened, and released through His choice vessels. The greatest revival of glory is here. The glory road many have envisioned walking upon is right around the corner. However, everyone will respond differently.

How People Respond to The Glory

Personal experience has afforded the knowledge that the way people respond to the glory can be divided into three categories. The first is the attract category. The people in this category are attracted to the glory. In some instances, they are ministry leaders who are curious and interested in the glory, but typically, they remain naked. In other words, they listen to messages about the glory, but they do not do not embark upon a personal journey of becoming clothed with glory (Matthew 22:11, Psalm 104:2, Revelation 21:24-26). The second is the repel category. The people in this category are not interested in the glory. Indeed, they reject it. I have noticed that most often these are business people and people in the marketplace who are consumed with making a living (Matthew 6:25-34). They are more focused on material things than they are on spiritual things (Matthew 22:5). The third is the glory romantic. A glory romantic is one who is initially on fire and appears to be extremely hungry for the glory. He or she may the first one to learn how to release glory. This is a good attribute of the glory romantic. The area for growth and development relative to the glory for the romantic is to keep the same passion and hunger burning while being refined. Regardless of how people respond to glory, the body has another area of development. Specifically, the area of development is tapping into the wealth and riches in glory.

Wealth, Riches, and Glory : An Area of Development

I always possessed favor in the area of employment. I have 30 years of experience in the corporate arena. I have done everything from marketing to project management to workspace ergonomics to technical consulting. When the last consulting gig ended, Father told me to go back to school for a doctorate degree. After I finished school, He did not release me to go back into the marketplace. Instead, He led my husband and I to host an event to help business and ministry leaders transition into their calling full time. Little did I know that this was a setup. I found myself being challenged to trust Him versus trusting in the way I used to make money. I found myself at a dry brook with no income.  When He dried up the brook of income for me, He birthed the King’s Decrees. He told me to work for Him daily by simply issuing these decrees. He said this. “Work for me daily, and I will pay you daily in signs, wonders, miracles, and money.” In other words, this was going to be my new line of work and only this. He did what He said! Father birthed these decrees and our sales increased 5,161% in 2017 in comparison to 2016 as He dried up the brook. Father used this time to teach me that there is an economy in glory. Thus, the body needs to grow in the area of learning to rely upon a glory economy instead of a worldly economy.

Next, He released a prophecy to our Glory School Community that included a strategy. Father told me to begin to teach what I’d learned. When I received these instructions, He revealed that He baptized me in glory to make millionaires. I am now teaching these millionaires in the making how to break strongholds in their minds, how to break the power of false mantles and demonic mantles of wealth because there is ungodly wealth and godly wealth, and how to get in position to create wealth versus make money. The Take 8 Wealth Strategy is hinged on the premise of decreeing and opening your mouth (i.e., tohuw in Hebrew) to create wealth. Deuteronomy 8:18 reveals we have the power and divine ability to create wealth. The power is in our mouths, and the ability is in our hands. Hence, members of the body need to connect with apostolic vessels who have received divine strategy in order to learn how to create godly wealth and riches with their mouths and hands. This is an area of development that will require the utmost trust, wisdom, and obedience.

While we say we are created in our Father’s image, many of us do not know how accurately reflect His image. It’s not just about saying that we are created in His image, it’s about becoming, being, and demonstrating it. Psalm 33:6, 11 tells us this. If God created everything from nothing, but shapeless, chaos, if He commanded what He desired, if His breath set all the hosts in place, then we can speak our wealthy place into the now. In glory, we can command ourselves to be wealthy because it’s one of His promises. These are some of the ways glory can usher the body into wealth. We are living in a time when glory desires to awaken the body in the area of finances. For example, getting out of debt, getting free from poor stewardship of God’s finances, and getting out of the posture of sitting back waiting for the great wealth transfer, but failing to ever do anything to receive it. If we can get people in glory, everything they need is there. Every answer, and money is an answer, to all of mankind’s problems is found in the glory. #GetMeToTheGlory because the glory is the answer for all mankind! Therefore, in order to receive wealth and riches as a part of God’s glory, He is requiring the body to wake up and become responsible financial stewards. We must mature in the area of dominion because after all we are children of the King of kings. There is so much we need to learn about dominion and glory.

Three Things the Body Needs to Know About the Glory Road

This is the season where God wants to reveal His glory to all of creation. Additionally, He wants to cover the earthen vessels of His children with the knowledge of His glory (Habakkuk 2:14). Presently, we can see this by the many voices and conferences centered around the glory. Indeed, we are embarking on the road to glory. At the same time, we need to recognize and embrace three things.

The first thing the body needs to know is that this season is less about preaching and teaching on the glory and more about creating an atmosphere that provokes the Godhead of Glory to come into the midst of His people. In other words, He wants to release His glory into our gatherings. We need to embrace this present-day truth. Also, we need to recognize that if preaching and teaching on the glory takes place, the fruit of the messages must be an encounter with His glory. If not, it may be a counterfeit glory. It’s not uncommon for the devil to attempt to mimic a true move of God. Thus, we need to discern the fruit to determine if the outcome of all the preaching and teaching that is taking place is in an atmosphere filled with glory or merely talk.

The second thing we need to recognize is that glory is a covering. Remember, the response of one category of people will cause them to remain naked. It’s a choice. Many are invited into glory, but few will choose to allow glory to cover their earthen vessel. One way to look at it is like this. We wear clothes to cover our bodies, and the scripture tells us to put on Christ (Colossians 3:1-3). Christ is glory (Colossians 1:27). Hence, we are being instructed to wear Christ as we wear clothes. We are being admonished to wear God’s splendor and majesty like a robe (Psalm 104:2). Holy Spirit is inviting us to be mantled with glory so that we no longer remain naked. Stated differently, Holy Spirit is saying, “Get dressed because you do not have on any clothes.” Consequently, in this season, the body must embrace being clothed not just romanticizing about the blessings of glory. Being clothed is a process. Glorification is the third thing we need to understand.

The glorification process is like pulling a tooth. Remember the first time you went to the dentist to have a tooth removed? I do. I was shaking in my boots because everyone told me how much it was going to hurt. I was afraid. When I sat in the chair, I looked around and I noticed all the tools that resembled things that should be in my daddy’s toolbox. I thought, “The dentist is going to put these things in my mouth.” Being afraid, I began to kick my feet, scream, and squirm around in the seat. The dentist told me to be still. My parents told me to be still. The dental assistant told me to be still. Despite everyone telling me to be still, I persisted to move, scream, and kick. As a result, the dentist reached in with the appropriate tool, grabbed the tooth, and pulled it out quickly. I was still carrying on. The dentist looked at me and said, “It’s over!” Many people act like children when it comes to being glorified. They run, they hide, and they play peek-a-boo with God. In other words, they keep peeking their heads in and out of the secret place to see if He’s done refining them. Instead of staying there and staying still, they keep moving. They stay busy. They stay on the run from service to service, event to event, and conference to conference. In fact, many are void of awakened glory. If the people of God would only practice Psalm 46:10, they could be glorified quickly. The body needs to embrace being still so that He can make her into an accurate reflection of Christ. In brief, this is how the glorification process is like pulling a tooth.


As members of the body, we are living in an exciting time. The glory road is right around the corner. This is a road leading to awakening, revival, dominion, and great wealth. It is also a time to mature. A proper response will catapult some body members into deep waves of glory. On the other hand, an improper response will leave many people naked and impotent. The response conveys the choice we make to be glorified or to stay in comfort zones, to stay religious, and to stay childlike. Connecting with choice, apostolic vessels will be key in this season. My prayer is that this article will propel you to get on, and stay on, the glory road. It’s worth it. Without a doubt, it is a priceless adventure with the Godhead of Glory.

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