Willing My Way Back To Health By Faith

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Willing My Way Back To Health By Faith

Wanda T. Brown, is a native Baltimorean. She is a woman with a fabulous flair and zest for life. She has a heart for God’s people, which was displayed through her WTB Prayer Ministry, where she has helped families who are in distress. Her life has not been a bed of ease; she has been challenged with unsuspected health difficulties. Her mountain moving faith in God has moved her to overcome health problems which could have taken her very life.

She stands strong with the conviction to live her life with a true commitment to change the fabric of the world around her like the great leaders of the past like Coretta Scott King, Maya Angelo and Della Reese. Nearly struck down in March 2001 by her first cerebral brain hemorrhage she held strong to her beliefs in God and was able to press through this illness which is a testament to the importance of hearing this story. Rushed to the hospital by a close friend who did not know the urgency of life she was transporting, as they entered the emergency room and she was admitted, Wanda realized that she was gravely ill. Doctors speedily worked on her and stopped the bleeding inside her brain. She was then admitted in the hospital intensive care unit. As she lay in the bed she could hear her mother on the telephone telling her sister she was not going to make it through the night.

Struck with her strength and faith Wanda yelled out, ”no” as she was overwhelmed with fear. She turned to God to say, “no” I have work to do”. She could not breathe. Hospital staff immediately gave her oxygen. She was too afraid to go to sleep, fearing she might not wake up.A still small voice inside of her whispered and said,“ child I wish above all that you prosper and be in the best of health.” She began to calm down and realized her faith in God was the greatest medicine she needed to cure her illness. In the end her belief is that it’s not your time until God say’s it is. Doctors can only diagnosis the problems and give the medication. But, true healing comes from within.

Yet, her road of pain had not ended. Four months later she incurred a broken ankle, which left her with six (6) screws and a plate in her ankle. She felt like a child beginning to learn to walk again. Many people talk about trusting God, but her faith was put to the test of trust once again in 2006, when she was diagnosed with a skin disease call sarcoidosis, which is an unknown skin disease. This condition started eating her skin and face like a cancer. She endured this turmoil for (4) four years and thought her life was over. Knocked down to her lowest point feeling little to no self esteem, she question whether life was worth living. God had another plan forher. That small voice inside of her began to speak again, and saying “I love you unconditionally: at that point, she realized she had to love herself through the pain and struggle of the disease. As she recovered from the impact of life once again, she found herself hit once again in 2009 with another tumor. Then here comes a blood vessel burst in her head 2013 attack by gout in left foot in 2016 overcoming all with faith. She is now infuriated and cannot even look at her body with the pain of seeing the scars left from the many surgeries. It was like an explosion of pain that would not end! She was only left with the clay that God had made her from and she knew then she only could trust God to heal her through her own belief within. Today she is a warrior armed to the teeth with strength to fight. She is healthy, whole and completely renewed, rejuvenated andready to take on the world! Wanda T. Brown wants to inspire people who may think they are at the end of their journey to have courage. That’s her story what’s yours? As a result of this Wanda continues to pursue her dreams and goals; working for Maryland State Government for over 30 years. Minister, Entrepreneur as a Makeup Artist, Jewelry Consultant, model and author determined to hit the reset button and start a new life in spite of attacks. She confidently feels that she is not defeated! Her plans are to travel, speak publicly, serve others, and live life to the fullest.

Wanda T Brown Bio

I am a native Baltimorean with a fabulous flare and zest for life.

I have a heart for God’s people, which has been displayed through my WTB Prayer Ministry. I love to help people who are in distress.
My life has not been a bed of ease. I have been challenged with unsuspected health difficulties. My mountain-moving faith in God has moved me to overcome my health problems, which could have taken my very life. As a result, I specialize in beautification from the inside out.

I started my journey into entrepreneurship at a very young age. While I was only a child, somehow in my heart, I knew there was a higher power of artistry within my own being waiting to come forth. With that said, my work life is a demonstration of my enthusiasm, determination, education, flexibility, and openness to consistently learning new skills.
As I entered the journey to become an entrepreneur, I have been employed with the Maryland State Government for over thirty years, all while continuously pursuing my dreams and goals as a spiritual educator, makeup artist, jewelry consultant, fashion style specialist, model, and author. While engaging in a variety of entrepreneurial endeavors, I earned many certifications along the way.

My passion is to continue to help others on their journey to become beautiful inside and out as I go forth giving my time, talents, and gifts to others. My plans are to continue in public speaking, travel, and ultimately hit the reset button and live my life to the fullest!