Manifestations Occur Every Second of the Day By Minister Dr. Renee Sunday

Manifestations Occur Every Second of the Day

By Minister Dr. Renee Sunday

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Keep your dreams alive. Understand to achieve anything requires faith and believe in yourself, vision, hard work, determination, and dedication. Remember all things are possible for those who believe.
– Gail Devers

     Keep your dreams alive no matter what you are going through. No matter how many times your hopes, dreams and aspirations have been dashed – keep your spirit up. No matter how many times life has dealt you with many blows, do not forget your goals. No matter the failures and the disappointments, forget the past and forge ahead into the future. Keep your fire burning no matter the difficult situations you may find yourself. Do not allow anything to keep your spirit down, to clip your wings or to bow your head in life. 

     Think about it, your dreams have been consistent. It’s because they are permanently unique to you. They are meant to be fulfilled and this means that your struggles are temporary, they’ll soon fade away like the wind. Do not give in to life’s whims and caprices. Every day that you lived on the surface of the earth brings you closer to your dreams. Manifestations of your dreams occur every second of the day, recognise them and work with them. Let them encourage you and spur you on into action. Those dreams that you have nurtured can still come to pass if you continue to believe in yourself, work hard and look forward to the future ahead of you. Forget the things of old and forge ahead to your brand new future.

     Sometimes it takes a while for dreams to become a reality. You may experience anxiety, frustration, and low self-esteem. Many times you may look around and see that your mates are far ahead of you in their career path, it’s ok for them to be far ahead of you doing what they love most. It’s ok because your journey in life is different from their journey. Your destinations are different and you do not want to walk in their purpose because you will be helping them to achieve theirs whilst you neglect your purpose.

     So are you stuck? Are you frustrated with your journey in life? Do you feel like it’s taking too long to realize your dreams or to achieve your purpose in life? Do you dread every day of the week because it seems like another day where you do something you’d rather not do? Is it taking too long to achieve your goals? Do you feel like you are just existing rather than living the life you’ve always wanted? Do you feel like you are wandering in the wilderness of life without moving towards your promised land?

     Take a deep breath, these feelings are only for a short period. They won’t last for long. Life may seem too harsh sometimes, the truth is that every step you take each day is a movement forward towards your goal. You may not see it and it may seem so far away from you but there are manifestations of dreams every second of the day. Every hardship you face is a lesson learned towards your goals. Every obstacle you overcome is a step closer to your destiny. You only need to continue to believe in yourself, trust in God, have a clear goal in mind and work hard towards your goals. YOUR MANIFESTATIONS are NOW! BELIEVE, trust and walk out your DESTINY. It will ALWAYS come to pass! Selah.