No way But Up

No one enjoys a set back. They always feel like negative blows to our agendas, egos, visions and so much more! Life would certainly be much more simplistic and productive without them. Disappointments, stares, judgement, and self criticism become apparent and part of our painful predicament. We did our best, gave our all, drained our resources just to hit an unforeseeable impasse.

It just doesn’t feel good or right at all! As we automatically go into reflecting on factual events, sometimes we come back empty handed as to what truly went wrong. How frustrating this aspect can be as well! If a source could be identified as to why things didn’t work out, maybe, just maybe we can learn and accept as we regroup to forge ahead. But when there is no obvious reason for the falter, a spirit filled with anger, discouragement, regret and wavering faith is tempting.

As Believers, we just can’t afford to react to matters out of our control that seem to pull us down the same way that the world does. The misconduct ruins our testimony and diminishes the power within us provided by our Heavenly Inheritance. Even when we know for sure that the path we travel aligns with God’s Will for our lives and it doesn’t work out, we must find a way to remain faithful to the call. The One that lead us to it always has a backup plan. There’s just no other way! Anything else would threaten to compromise our walk. Who needs that!

Now I am not suggesting that we ignore our human emotions of disappointment by far. We have to acknowledge them. What I am suggesting is to manage them in controlled environments. Those places include our individual prayer lives with The Lord, with our mentors who assist with redirection and with our brothers and sisters who can sharpen us. These are healthy places to distribute our frustrations and will help us diminish the amount of time we remain in self-empathy.

Stumbling blocks on our traveled roads to “Destiny” are inevitable. They will surface. However, God remains faithful and committed to those promises He gave us. The Dream must come to pass! A testimony, renewed strength, knowledge, patience and endurance are just a few fine attributes that we will gain as a result. They too are imperative to our success and should be viewed as badges of honor as we gather ourselves to recover. There’s no other way from here but up!

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