Reflections by Chanel Walker-Bailey


I find the month of December to be one of the most intriguing of all! It’s one for family and a time where the world collectively stops to acknowledge Christmas Day. This is true regardless if all believe in the sacrifice of the Savior or not. My faith, along with countless others, is ignited knowing and accepting that He indeed came!

I also love December because it provides so much opportunity.  As the current year gracefully bows out, the new is ushered in  and takes center stage in our lives. The word that ministers to my soul the most during this time  is “Reflect”.

The act of reflecting allows one to get in touch with the spirit. It’s a self and life analysis through and through. I highly recommend it proactively and before facing day one of a new calendar year.

We should all ask ourselves some critical questions as we consider the year that’s quickly coming to an end.

What could have been done differently?

What is working and needs to remain a constant?

Who needs to go and who needs to remain in our circle?

How’s our health, our psychological state and our financial positions?

Where were we this time last year and do we marvel in where we are today?

Have we been successful in progressing or have we wasted too much precious time on people, places and unproductive things?

Are we grateful or downcast, encouraged or disappointed and  bitter?

Are our relationships healthy?  With God, with family, friends, loved ones and other associates?

What do we need to do differently that we can control and what do we need to pray about, leave to the Lord and ask for His wisdom?

We should ask ourselves these questions at minimum and beyond. If we write down answers and position ourselves accordingly, our New Year resolutions in key life areas will be developed and serve as a compass towards possibilities in the months to come.

If you won this year in all you set out to do and become, give God His glory in gratefulness!

On the other hand, if you are looking at a year that was painful, not fair and downright agonizing, still give God praise because if you are still here then your story is not over! He indeed still has a plan. Reflect and seek His face for clarity and future direction.

2017 will be an epic year! We must remain optimistic through our faith and purposeful  act of reflections. The best is still yet to come. Do your part and just wait and see!

Chanel Walker-Bailey

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