Standing On The Shoulders Of Dreamers


Dynasty of Dreamers
Pastors Ron & Hope Carpenter
By Tammy Collins Markee

Episode: Standing On The Shoulders Of Dreamers

Pastors Ron and Hope Carpenter both possess an extraordinary presence that obviously operates with a rather special divine grace to make such an extraordinary difference in the lives of others. They teach others to stretch up and reach for the mark, and to never slide back to fears for the future. They also encourage people to excel in all their endeavors, telling them that there is always light at the end of the tunnel, despite all the meltdown, and the widespread pain all over the world. They have somehow managed to establish themselves as an authentic source of enlightenment to people who are in dire need of it. Those that are stigmatized by the failure to dream big and fulfill their purpose have found a ready source of encouragement in this wonderful couple. What is so incredible about the Carpenters is that they also share a broad view about anyone’s capacity to fully explore their God-given ability, knowing fully well that nothing is impossible as long as they condition their heart, and insist on speaking the language that will transform their minds. Those who have felt devastated and under-appreciated have benefited immensely from their ministry. This couple’s lives continue to encompass as a true tapestry of hope. They have become a gateway that is leading others into a more perfect union of mind, body and soul. Ron Carpenter is Senior Pastor of the Mega Church- Redemption World Outreach Center, Greenville, South Carolina, and Hope Carpenter is Co-Pastor, Greenville. The ministry was Founded in 1991, with three only members, but now, the congregation numbers over 16,000.

The Carpenters candidly speak to K.I.S.H. Magazine on what it takes to have an abiding commitment to achieving one’s purpose. What immediately comes to mind about Pastors Ron & Hope Carpenter? Simple! They are on a quest to repair and salvage an environment of brokenness, by constantly reminding God’s People that the greatest virtue is to live a life suffused with the unconditional love of God, which is the only thing that can lead to the true freedom that will enable them to live Beautifully Through His Eyes !

Q: TCM: How do we surmount our limits, in our quest to cultivate a deep understanding of the spiritual state; we need to arrive at to expect great expectations from God?

A: Pastor Ron Carpenter: “One thing I have always taught people out of the Book of 1 Peter, Chapter 2, is this. We have been born of incorruptible seed. I tell people that everything that a person is, is in their seed. So all the potential of that being, that entity, that creature, whatever it is, is in the seed. So everything that Jesus is, everything that Jesus can be, is inside of His seed. He has put that seed inside of us. What I have taught people is that Jesus put within us the potential of Himself. That is why He always calls us to standards like that greater work we should do, because He goes to the Father. He constantly told His disciples, “It would be better for you, once I go.” I imagine that for them, it was unbelievable of them imaging a life that would be better once Jesus disappeared. But Jesus said, “The God that is with them, will be in them.”

So I always taught that the God seed is the God potential that has been put within you. The only limitation that we have is our thinking. We can renew our mind, to be able to wrap around what is truly inside of us; but then and only then can you begin to get over Human Limitation, and reach your God-given potential.”

A: Pastor Hope Carpenter: “Well, I can tell you that personally in my own life, I served God for many years. I was saved at eight years old. In a little Baptist Church, I was filled with the Holy Spirit at twelve; in a Pentecostal Holiness Church. And I Love God with all my heart, went to a Christian School. I have been in the ministry for many years, and I was still bound. And I was still wrapped up in old thinking. It was not until I truly dug deeply into the Word of God that I found total liberation. I Let Him change everything that I knew about myself, and everything that I had been taught. I rewired my brain with the Word to change my life. I can tell you that my life has been totally and radically revolutionized through the Word of God in the last five years. I am not the same person, and I believe that I am just now starting to reach my potential. I see the potential in Christ that only came from renewing my mind. ”

Q: TCM: How can the Spiritual Visionaries of our World approximately Minister to others when disharmonious energies are all around them, when fear grips their hearts, especially when they harbor presentiments in their minds about intense disappointments, failed dreams and relationships that cause them to despair?

A: Ron Carpenter: “To me, there are several fundamental elements to everyone who has ever succeeded, not in a spiritual destiny, but in life in its totality. Two things that I talk about are The Law of Relationship and The Law of Environment.

# 1- We know that every joint supplies. A joint in the Bible is not a human bodily joint; it is a relationship and most people who succeed have relationships that come in and out of their life. Some of them are temporary. Some of them permanent, and continually feed into who they are going to be, not who they were. People who lack success usually have relationships that remind them of who they used to be, never who they going to be. It is very difficult to move along these relationships that come and go. Many of them are seasonal, and it is hard to walk away from the ones that we truly care about even if they have been loyal and good. But they cannot see where God is taking them.

I have had to have the courage to walk away from some relationships that are sometimes not necessarily abusive, or negative in any fashion, but simply because they are just not in alignment with my ultimate purpose.

#2-The Law of Environment. Everything that has life and flourishes is in the proper environment. I use this illustration. If you take the orange tree, and put it in Wisconsin, It will always be a house plant. If you take that same tree, and put it in Florida, it will become an Orange Groove. The same tree, different environments. A fish has to be in the water to thrive. You take it out of that environment, it dies. A star has to be in the sky; you take it out of that environment, it dies. And a plant has to be in the ground. If I pull it out of the ground, it dies. We came out of God. If we leave His presence, and leave that Godly environment. It is impossible to flourish. So, I believe that success and moving forward to occur, the two key factors of relationship and environment immediately come into play.”

A: Hope Carpenter: “I really believe that it takes focused discipline in our life. And many of us don’t like that. It’s usually not natural for Human Nature to be disciplined, and for us to crucify our flesh. Things that we want, the places we want to go and the people we want to hang out with things are easy. And I think it takes Focus and Discipline and to get into the proper mindset. Paul said, “there is one thing I do, there are a lot of things I could do, but there is one thing that I do. My eyes are on the prize, and I’m going to go for it.” You have to be Focused and Disciplined, and know what God has for you; what matters and is required of you. No matter how late we have to stay up, or how early we have to get up, and what we have to leave, or where we have to start, for our dreams to come true, we have to follow God Faithfully and Be Disciplined.”

Q: TCM: Courage is a key ingredient to living a victorious Christian life. Do you believe that an overflowing reservoir of Love can lead one to become the recipient of an understanding God’s divine plan in one’s quest to victoriously fulfill one’s dreams and purpose?

A: Pastor Hope Carpenter: “I believe that Love is the Foundation of everything we do. It should be the Foundation of everything we do. The Bible says, ” that’s the way the world is going to know who we say we are.” It is in our kindness, and how we treat people that the Holy Spirit will manifest. The world has seen a lot of imposters, and a lot of hypocrisy. The world will probably ask, “why should I stop doing what I’m doing, and come over to your side when you are no more different from me?” I really believe that it is our call, and our mandate. Love never Fails. When we show the world Love, that Love will draw them to God. Even Jesus said, “it is the kindness of God, that draws people to repent.” That is how I came to know Jesus; because He Loved me so much.

I did not come to Him; or because I felt troubled or beaten down. I ran to Jesus because I was a mess. I felt a Love that I had never experienced before. And what we are freely given we are supposed to turn around, and freely give. So, I think it is our call, and our mandate. It is a Bible 101 for us. That is how we treat people and Love people.

No matter where they are or where they have been. Or what color they are, or what side of the railroad tracks they have been on, or where they come from. That does not matter in the Kingdom. In the Kingdom, we start all over. We are Kingdom Citizens, and Our Heritage. There is no Greek, nor Jews, or Gentiles. We are all one blood, one body, and we are to Love like that.”

A: Ron Carpenter: “When you speak of Love, I bring in to this picture something that Hope and I myself hear over and over again. It is very difficult for people in Leadership to try to hide flaws. Because people in Leadership are scared that if people know they have flaws feel they won’t Love them or follow them. They feel people will no longer respect them. Hope and myself found ourselves in a unique situation. Many of our broken places fell on a public stage, even though that was extremely painful for us. God spoke to me during that time, and He said, “but you thought your Greatest Sermon was going to be preached with your lips. No, you were wrong. I am going to Preach it with your Life.” So, we had a whole new platform created, and that traction created our Ministry. Because we took our flaws and placed them on a stage.
God’s Love for us, and our Love for each other caused us to conquer every mistake, every sin, and everything that we wished had never happened. And I believe that it has brought a genuineness, and authenticity to the Ministry that has been refreshing to people. Because when trouble hit our home, we thought everybody would run away from us. But when we did not hide it, and when were honest about our struggles, people did not run away. Instead, they ran to us. And I have been told by others that it set a whole new standard for the Ministry. So the Love Path, even though it is sometimes the road less taken is always the Greatest Path.”

Q: TCM: Your work has laid down a Framework for Enlightenment, Healing, Promises of God, Motivation and Love. This will be the true Legacy of your ministry. What else will be included in this Legacy as you continue to be a Voice of Hope to countless people?

A: Pastor Ron Carpenter: “The fact that I am nearing 50 years of age makes me think about those things more and more. When I was a Minister in my 20’s & 30’s, that wasn’t much of my thought process. It was more of just surviving, and getting through the day, and the present crisis.

I talk about this often, and I bring it up over cups of coffee with my wife. What will be said about us when we are gone? What are we going to leave behind, when it is no longer our time? I need to oversimplify. I don’t want cliches. I really don’t. I mean it genuinely from the heart. I would like people to stand around my tombstone and say “he really wanted to make other people great.” I want my wife to be great. I want my children to be great. I want this for the people who sat under my teaching for years.

It will hurt me to know that people sat around me, and listened to me, and I made no difference in their lives. And I hope that it is very difficult to hear me speak, and your life will remain on the same level.

I hope that somehow or the other, I will be an element used by God to get underneath people, and to push them to places that they would not have reached, if they had not heard my voice. That they would not have gone themselves. This is what I truly want.

It is not buildings, or numbers. It is not how many things he has, or how many times he did that. Or how many books he wrote. don’t care about any of that. I want people to say that they Encounters Ron Carpenter, and he made them better.”

A: Hope Carpenter: “Well, I think about this a lot too. I think that my goal in life would be if people need me and they are around me, I want them to say, “she was genuine , down-to-earth,” and that they feel the touch of Jesus when every they are around me.

I want them to feel in the presence of Jesus. When they are around me. I want them to feel loved unconditionally. I don’t want people to ever feel judged. I want them to feel that they can come to me with anything and everything.

That I would receive them with arms opened wide, and with unconditional Love, and not just that, but that I would minister healing and deliverance into their life. That you can come to me. I will Love you unconditionally, and that you are going to leave different.

I really believe that that everyone that got in the presence of Jesus changed. And that’s what I want to be, now that I have given my life to seeing people healed and set free.

That is the mandate of God for me, and if I can leave that Legacy, I feel like I would be successful.”

Rt. Hon. Tammy Collins Markee, Columnist for K.I.S.H. Magazine (Dynasty of Dreamers).