The Audacity Of God by Pastor/Prophet Terry Weems, Sr.

Who is this God that can see beyond the scope of man? It is baffling to consider the mind of the Creator of the universe; His ways are beyond the comprehension of man. As He has expressed, His ways are not like man’s ways and His thoughts are not like man’s thoughts. This expression is evident in the countless lives of those who succumb to public scrutiny. Note, the audacity is explored when you rationalize how God deems an individual His chosen vessel. Chosen vessels are buried beneath the crevice of degradation and despair! This God specializes in dropping charges and dismissing evidence that was brought up against us. Such was the case with Saul. In the court of public opinion, the rumors and reputation that preceded Saul portrayed him as an unlikely candidate. But God considered him as the right candidate for transformation, even though, to the people he was the wrong nominee. God’s truth of you will override the truth people know about you.

The question that messed up people have is this: “when what you heard is true, do you have what it takes to transform me?”

God is repairing ruined reputations. It is always ruthless people that will ruin the reputation of good people.
When reputations are ruined the influence of that individual is impaired. There is often a conflict between God’s choice and the people’s choice. People tend to choose based on merit, prestige, status and social standing. God chooses based on the heart of a person! The spectator often wonders about God’s methodology towards flawed people. The gospel is showcase in man’s defectiveness. What is the gospel? The gospel is the act of God’s redemption. It speaks volumes about change, forgiveness and restoration. So yes, God has the audacity to invest in what looks valueless to display His works in the lives of people. God takes chances with flawd people because His grace is sufficient. As we obtain the mind of Christ we will see, act and think like Christ. As it is stated “Unto the pure all things are pure: but unto them that are defiled and unbelieving is nothing pure; but even their mind and conscience is defiled.” (Titus 1:15)

Pastor/Prophet Terry Weems, Sr.