The Reveal: It’s Your Time!

By: Chanel Bailey

An on time prophetic word was eloquently spoken at a women’s’ group I recently attended. The revelation simply ignited excitement in me which confirmed that God was indeed speaking!

I could not get the utterance off my mind that evening. In fact, the spirit of The Lord began expounding on the matter initiating an increased motivation and expectation in my being!

It’s indeed YOUR TIME!

The season is upon us, specifically for those who have been regularly overlooked, discounted and forgotten. Yes you who currently are bursting at the seams with gifts, ideas and a life changing word but have not been afforded an opportunity to truly pour out!

It’s your time! You can no longer contain what God has put in you. A release MUST soon occur for many desperately need what’s been downloaded in your spirit.

Now is the time to be on the look out for open doors, targeted connections and intentional relationships. The resources and means you have only been dreaming about will quickly be made available that will propel you into full operation!

You will flow effortlessly as a:

Voice for the voiceless.

A beacon of hope during times of great confusion.

A catalyst for complete and permanent transformation.

You will offer solutions to problems that seem irreconcilable.

Platforms, arenas, stages, syndicated airways in multiple forms of media will suddenly be at hand.

Get ready, keep preparing and push past the deception of doubt and fear. No one can do this but you!

This is for those people who never expected to prosper at this magnitude. The humble, the meek and unpredictable. You’ve been shut down and encouraged to stay in the background. So much that you’ve found comfort in remaining invisible but God is calling you out!

You won’t be able to give anyone the credit and have been forsaken for far too long. Your gifts are undeniable and your debut is at hand.

There’s simply nothing you can do to stop the course of supernatural actions that are about to blow you and those who will observe this expedient promotion completely away!

Get Ready! It’s your time!

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