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12 Year Old NC Girl signs with MC Lyte and a huge deal with Academy award winning Lions Forge HBO Max

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NC viral star Varonica Mitchell, better known as The VV Show on popular social media platforms. She has a true story of strength, perseverance, her and her family’s belief in God, determination, focus and seeing it through until something happens. Her amazing story and journey to Hollywood is absolutely inspiring to the young and old. Varonica Parents Thomas and Vanessa Mitchell were told by doctors that they wouldn’t be able to conceive a child and actually had 2 miscarriages prior to VV being born. Varonica was indeed their miracle baby and that is where the greatness began. Varonica started off in entertainment right in Henderson, NC, dancing at her local church founded her grandparents and her parent eventually founded a dance academy where Varonica started to flourish and grow in the acts. She later took a love for acting and asked her parents if she could start a TikTok and YouTube. Once they agreed and advised her that they would assist her in helping her professionally run her accounts and added Facebook and Instagram to the list, she began to receive so much love and quick grew to over 2 million followers, supporters and fans. Receiving views on her videos reaching well over 20 million.
Soon after she gained the attention of actors such as Will Smith, Taraji P. Henson, MC Lyte and Jennifer Hudson to name a few. She created a dynamic video remake of an icon scene from the movie “Dream Girls” and Jennifer Hudson’s Talk Show producers decided that they had to fly Varonica and her family out to LA to interview her on national television to hear Varonica’s story firsthand. On the Show, during after the interview, Varonica received the surprise of her life and was able to perform another one of her viral videos live on stage and the artist to the hip-hop song she performed surprised her on stage and completed the performance with her.

IG Page link to a short clip of Varonica’s performance at The Jennifer Hudson Show: https://www.instagram.com/reel/Cy4Uy1rRXbd/?igsh=MzRlODBiNWFlZA==


Lil Jon, Jennifer Hudson, Varonica, Vanessa, Thomas and Danielle Mitchell

Varonica being from a small town (Henderson, NC), where opportunities are far in between, to see her excel above the odds has been extraordinary to watch. 

Varonica has had the honor and privilege of performing with some of the greats, such as The Legendary Isley Brothers in from of thousands in ATL, Pastor Shirley Caesar, Gospel Artist Kalonte Gavin and more. 

Varonica’s Isley Brothers Performance/ Meet & Greet: https://www.facebook.com/share/r/xRHtgzzFz6ts5c6f/?mibextid=UalRPS

She will be performing live at the UniverSoul Circus Febuary 2024 with Fresh The Clowsss. 

Video Surprise, invitation to perform at the UniverSoul Circus:  


Varonica is not only an amazing talented young lady in entertainment, she is also a humble soul with a giving heart. She created a give back campaign called “VV’s Laugh, Love & Hope Project Tour” that she host during back to school, thanksgiving and Christmas each year. She teams up with an amazing Women That Care organization, and they gives school supplies, clothing, toys & food to people in the community and surrounding areas. Varonica blesses them with a free comedy performance and praise dance performance, signs autographs and takes pictures with all of her NC fan who attend. They even highlight other amazing young children and interviews them during the event, to showcase their gifts and talents. Each year, they easily reach well over 300 families. Varonica also host soup Kitchens regularly in her Hometown to feed the needy. 

Donation can be made to:     Cash App: $thevvshow or Paypal.@thevvshow

She is also a fun loving enthusiastic middle school Honor Roll Student who is loved by everyone she meets and can’t go anywhere in public now without being recognized and with all the fame, she remains the humble little girl she is. In fact, her favorite activity is playing with her doll babies. 

Varonica continues to grow in her craft, traveling frequently, acting in stage plays, theater productions, concerts and doing her own standup comedy shows. As well filming in her mother studio for her online show weekly. She recently signed with Hip Hop icon MC Lyte’s Entertainment Company “Sunni Gyrl Inc.” and signed a lucrative deal with Academy Award Winning and Oscar nominated production company “Lions Forge” in connection with HBO Max and Nickelodeon Animation Studios, where the production company is looking to create a show starting Varonica in the near future. She is also a celebrity god parent with KeKe Palmer’s organization “Saving Our Daughters INC” (ATL)

You can follow Varonica’s Journey on any of her viral social media platforms at:

For Booking: VVShow@sunnigyrl.com    

Booking Assistant: Davida Thomas: (919)725-5278 / thevvshowyt@gmail.com Studio Office/Mailing Address: 902 Dorsey Ave. Henderson, NC 27536

Last modified: February 2, 2024