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Special Exclusive interview with Dr. Annette Watson -Johnson

Special Exclusive interview with Dr. Annette Watson -Johnson

K.I.S.H.: Tell us about you and your relationship to the St. Louis area, brag and be proud

I am a proud St. Louisan, born and raised. My dad is a native and my mom’s parents moved from Mississippi to St. Louis MO. when she and her twin were nine years old. I and my ten siblings all grew up in the historic Ville area. My parents purchased their home in the Ville in the 1960s. Starting in 1911 the use of restrictive covenants and other legal restrictions prevented African Americans from finding housing in many areas of the city. As a result, the African-American population of St. Louis was concentrated in and around the Ville (short for “The Village”).The neighborhood was the site of a number of important cultural institutions for the Black community, including Sumner High School (home of the bulldogs), the first high school for Black students west of the Mississippi River; and Homer G. Phillips Hospital, established in 1937 as one of the few Black teaching hospitals in the United States and the only one in the city to serve and provide medical care to the Black residents. 

Many African Americans moved to the St. Louis MO. area especially from the southern states, to live, go to school, start businesses, or get medical attention. With our own schools, hospital and business, you can say that the area was self-sustaining. Annie Malone who was a self-made millionaire in the hair business trained Madom CJ Walker more known as a millionaire in St. Louis MO. My grandmother owned a restaurant and several investment properties. Some of my fellow St. Louisan who also found success are. Arthur Ashe, Josephine Baker, Chuck Berry, Grace Bumbry, John Collins-Muhammad, Tina Turner, Julia Davis, Herman Dreer, Dick Gregory, Sonny Liston, Annie Turnbo Malone, Vincent Price, and Maxine Waters. 

I attended John Marshall Elementary, Turner Middle School and Sumner High School, all located in the Ville. I then attended Harris Stowe Teachers College and worked at National Supper Market. t did not complete my education at that time because I got married and joined the military wives club. I lived and traveled the world but always visited my family for life’s celebrations and reunions. There was a lot of love in our neighborhood. All of the parents looked out for all the neighborhood children. My mom would cook large pots of stews and meats and we always had enough to feed others. So, our home always had our friends hanging out eating, sleeping, or getting their hair braded. I treasure these memories. 


K.I.S.H. – What is your business dream/vision and how will accomplishing it benefit you and others?

Dr. Annette -My dream/vision has always included serving others and sharing information, products, and services to aid them in their wellness journeys. Like many of my ancestors and all those from the St. Louis MO. who paved the way and instilled the entrepreneurial spirit in me, I work hard and wear many hats. I earned my M.A, B.S, as a graduate of National University of California. I earned my Master of Arts in Human resource Management. I am a Alumnus from the University of Maryland where I earned my Bachelor of Science in Business Management with a minor is Psychology and an Associate of Arts in Business Administration. I earned a Level III Certification in Federal Acquisitions. I am a seven – time Amazon Best Selling Author, President, Founder, CEO, Mentor, Wellness Ambassador, and Motivational Speaker. I have always been an advocate of wellness.

I am the visionary and President of the non-profit organization Dynamic Participators Enterprise Inc. (dP). We affirm the fact that the trilogy (Mental, Physical and Spiritual Wellness) are all correlated and must be incorporated into all aspects of our daily lives. We endorse this trilogy by these means: professional consultation; motivational workshops; retreats; social media groups; community outreach activities; virtual events; motivational material; youth mentoring activities; and symposium-style methods. We also form wellness partnerships with churches; profit & non-profit organizations; federal entities; community outreach projects; family reunions; local schools and districts; and all other interested parties. 

I am the founder and CEO of Dynamic AWJ Products LLC which houses my “Just Get Well Sea Moss” product line, my “Girlz Run The World in Pearls” pearl adorned e-commerce store and my Dynamic AWJ Publishing projects. I am a six time Amazon Best-Selling Author, Motivational Speaker, and a Wellness Ambassador. I have a plethora of knowledge in the trilogy (Mental, Physical and Spiritual Wellness areas). I have had the opportunity to live and work in localities such as Okinawa, Japan; Sigonella, Sicily; Newport, Rhode Island; Gaithersburg, Maryland; San Diego, California; Tampa and Orlando, Florida. She currently serves as the President Elect of the Employee Morale and Recreation Association overseeing multiple military and civilian organizations equating to more than 2,000 employees.

I often correlate my business to a tree. I started my business with just the trunk, then the branches and leaves continue to grow high and plenty, but they are still part of that tree. I have several businesses, but they are lead fall under my wellness ministry,


K.I.S.H. -Who or what inspired you to pursue this business dream/vision? 

Dr. Annette – God inspired me by unveiling gifts that I was not aware of. He called me into the wellness ministry. Out of obedience I travel on an International level as a Speaker to encourage others to use Gods medicine in my “Lord Make Me Over Again” message. I also introduce the world to my “Just Get Well Sea Moss” product line. My products are organic, vegan and plant based. They are infused with sea moss and other healing herbs. They contain over 92 vitamins, minerals and herbs. God led me into my kitchen to create these wellness products. He helped me retrieve information I had already researched in the past so that I can understand where the majority of wellness needs are. I have always considered myself a wellness ambassador. In doing so I paid careful attention to the norms in my community and worked towards changing some of the generational curses such as the disease that plagued my family. I learned how to manage a diet with food balanced with vitamins, minerals, and herbs.

K.I.S.H. -What challenges have you encountered while pursuing your business dream/vision? 

Dr. Annette -There were many challenges and lessons learned but a few that stand out the most are 1. Time management – there never seem to be enough hours in the day to do all the things my heart desires when it comes to my business. I have had to decline speaking engagements or large product orders because I was a one woman show. 2. Shipping of my products has been stressful because my products would get lost, damaged, or stolen. I had to replace them, which reduced my profit. 3. Space – I am waiting on God to bless me with a manufacturing facility to allow me to create and fill larger orders because we as a nation need my products. 

K.I.S.H. -Who or what inspired you to keep pushing regardless of the challenges you’ve encountered? 

Dr. Annette -What inspired me to stay steadfast is the fact that so many began to see miracles by incorporating my “Just Get Well Sea Moss” products into their wellness journeys, This was the reason God called me to be of service to him and do his will. 

K.I.S.H. -Please provide final thoughts/advice for others with a similar business dream/vision.

Dr. Annette -I can testify to the fact that when God give you an assignment, execute it and he will guild your footsteps. He will provide you with the tools, people and strength needed to do it all. Never stipend the magnitude of Gods blessings. Just humble yourself to him, be obedient to his word, put him first, then watch how he moves things in your favor. This has been my testimony from the world wind experiences I have had since God came to me in a dream


Dr. Annette Watson-Johnson

Businesses: Dynamic AWJ Products LLC, 

A.Watson-Johnson Properties LLC and 

Dynamic Participators Enterprise Inc. 

Website: www.dynamicawlproducts,com

Facebook: @dynamicawjproductsllc

Facebook: @JustGetWellSeaMoss

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