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OWN’s new series “Family Empire: Houston

K.I.S.H. Magazine Special interview with the Braden Family from the “Family Empire Houston”

Nicole Braden Handy

The face of the Braden Real Estate Group, Nicole embodies the entrepreneurial spirit passed down from her grandmother, Oscarene. Her leadership and knack for sealing deals have solidified the firm’s success. Yet, beneath the shine, Nicole’s got her own share of shadows as she deals with her husband, Larry, who seems to care more about working than building a happy home, while also trying to make peace with Lakeshia, her father’s child with another woman.





Jermeshia Goudeau

As Nicole’s right hand and co-founder, broker Jermeshia balances the weight of the family business with the complexities of her personal life. A workaholic, wife and mother of three, she’s the definition of someone who is spreading herself too thin. However, despite not having enough hours in a day and even some postpartum depression, she’s still determined to make it all work, proving that she can juggle boardrooms and bedtimes, with time left over for her husband, Justin.




JaQuita Martin

The younger sister of Jermeshia, JaQuita is trained as a pharmacist but now works for the Braden Real Estate Group. With her husband, Chris, in the midst of a career pivot, she’s feeling the weight of wearing the financial pants in the relationship – a fit she’s not too fond of. To make matters worse, Chris often feels left out of the Braden clan, clashing with the rest of the family over small matters. JaQuita’s struggle with juggling it all is as real as it gets, making her story one of finding balance between ambition and love.


Brace yourself for the captivating story of the Braden family in the heart of Houston, Texas! Get ready to embark on a thrilling journey into the world of Black excellence spanning across generations. Premiering on June 28 at 8/7c on OWN, this unscripted series is sure to keep you on the edge of your seat as we delve into the remarkable legacy of the matriarch, Oscarene. From groundbreaking real estate ventures to unwavering determination, join us as we witness the Braden family demonstrate that success is in their genes! 

Shamika Minisee, interviewer and contributing writer for Kish Magazine, was thrilled to sit down and chat with these incredible stars. From sharing real estate treasures to heartfelt discussions about their grandparents’ triumphs, get ready to be amazed by this explosive interview with the talented individuals of Family Empire Houston.


Shamika:  Hello, I’m Shamika, the interviewer and contributing writer at Kish magazine. I recently watched the pilot episode of Family Empire Houston with Granny and the girls, and I’m looking forward to the show’s release. I have prepared three sets of questions and I’m eager to hear from each of you. The first question pertains to generational wealth and legacy: How has the Braden family sustained their wealth over four generation


Braden Family:

Nicole Braden Handy: Our real estate holdings continue to thrive, thanks to the solid foundation we have built. Granny and Papa made sure to invest in our real estate education, ensuring that the next generation is well-prepared.


Jermeshia Goudeau: We were taught valuable lessons about securing a financial legacy through strategic real estate investments and the significance of responsible financial management.


JaQuita Martin: By allowing us to reside in the ancestral home, our grandparents have paved the way for our future success.


Shamika: What challenges did Granny face, and how did she overcome them?


Braden Family:

Jermeshia Goudeau : Granny experienced discrimination when trying to buy land because of her race. She triumphed over obstacles by putting in hard work and determination.


Shamika: How do you resolve conflicts and find your way back to the business and each other?


Braden Family:

Nicole Braden Handy :  Our team’s diverse personalities and work styles greatly enhance our performance. Rather than viewing behavioral differences as weaknesses, we recognize them as valuable strengths. By promoting a culture of respect and appreciation for these distinctions, we encourage open communication and collaboration. This collaborative effort allows us to work together effectively towards achieving success.


Shamika: What role does your family unit play in the brokerage’s success?


Braden Family:

JaQuita Martin: In our collaborative environment, each team member assumes distinct roles that align with their individual strengths. We recognize and appreciate the unique contributions that each person brings to the table. By fostering this mutual respect, we create a supportive ecosystem—a tight-knit village, if you will—that empowers us to overcome challenges and sustain our success.

Shamika: Is there anything else you’d like to share with the audience for the magazine?

Braden Family: At the heart of our collective endeavor lies a powerful truth: we are more than just a team; we are a tightly-knit family. Imperfections? Yes, we have them—because authenticity is our hallmark. But it’s precisely these quirks, these beautifully imperfect threads that weave us together into something extraordinary. Our shared core values serve as our compass, guiding us through challenges and triumphs alike. With unwavering mutual respect, we forge a path toward success—a legacy that resonates far beyond our immediate circle.

Shamika: Your invaluable insights have brightened our way forward, and for that, we offer profound thanks. As you venture into the realm of Family Empire Houston, rest assured of our unwavering support and admiration. May your pursuits mirror the boldness and brilliance of the stars above. We are truly honored by your presence today.

Last modified: June 28, 2024