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2023 International Leadership Summit, Orlando Florida

Contributor writer: Stephany Smith
Photo credits: The Potter’s House

The 2023 International Leadership Summit was held in Orlando Florida! Hosted by the Visionary of T.D. Jakes Enterprises, Bishop T. D. Jakes. Thousands of people traveled from all over the world to receive vital and much needed encouragement, strategy and a new perspective to be the leaders we were called and designed to be and to lead effectively in the perspective place we are called to. This years theme was “ Good Soil” Cultivating Entrepreneurs from Hustle to Harvest. This summit was designed to help leaders grow and to be equipped with resources, mentorship, impact and to gain access to new levels and to lead and serve the community. This summit offered breakout sessions for business and entrepreneurship which provided practical keys for Intentional leadership. In order to lead intentionally, you must have courage, show empathy, be integral and always transparent. The session also provided panel discussions for understanding the new creative music and art production, brand building, led by a variety of artist such as Rodney Jerkins, Thaddeus Tribett, Chris Lyons, and many more. The breakout sessions during this power packed summit discussed on topics concerning high octane married women, Gen -Xers, Millennials and the challenges of leading inter generational teams in today’s workforce and heard from some amazing leaders such as Dr. Tudor Bismarck, Paul Adefaransin, Dana Carson, Nona Jones and Anita Phillips. A great take away from these sessions was by Nona Jones and she stated “ When God has called you to lead, no one can ever disqualify you from your seat”. Although this was a summit with the focus on Leadership and Entrepreneurship, each session took us higher in worship and prayer to give God our father the honor which was do to him. Pastor Sarah Jakes Robert’s, reminded the leaders that without God, none of what we do matters. She expounded on the grace that is given and to understand that “ Whatever God has called you to do on this earth, you can’t do it by your creativity and connections alone, but it takes the breath of God to breathe upon every dream for it to work and to work effectively”. The ante sees hearts were encouraged, inspired, empowered through the power of prayer with Pastor John Hannah and through praise and worship which shifted as the heavens were bombarded with praise, adoration, declarations and prophesy. The experience was such an impactful and much needed push for those who need to be restored, uplifted, renewed and healed for the continuation of their journey. This summit offered an intimate setting to provide a space where trust and transparency would be received as the discussions covered families, marriages, commitment, investing in your families future and wealth transfer. It encouraged the hearts of many to understand how important family relationships are and how much we need to stick together no matter the differences. We must love, show love and to walk in a daily life of forgiveness. Pastors Toure’ & Sarah Jakes Robert’s we’re accompanied by Pastor Keion and Shaunie Henderson where they covered an important necessity to Marriage, Mental Health in the Market Place. Our mental health is important for us to nurture daily and it is okay to ask for help. Tamika Bass shared on “ Protecting What Matters”. More sessions included Leadership for Creatives with worship leader Judith McCallister. Every breakout session was divinely orchestrated for this season and this year! Bishop T.D. Jakes & Charles W. Scharf concluded with a Master Class on Building Bridges Through Valiant Leadership! Leaders you are needed! Your voice is needed! You were called for such a time as this and now it is time to rise up and use all that God has graced and designed you to do. This was good soil indeed to be planted in order to effectively grow and propel in good things and to provide resources and hope for those who need to integral leadership. If you are an entrepreneur, just launching a Busines, in need of a push, ready to expand in your leadership, ministry, grow your brand, need mentorship, and all resources to increase wealth physically, spiritually, mentally and emotionally , the International Leadership Summit is where you need to be in 2024! Be sure to register and stay connected to T.D. JAKES Enterprises for more detailed information.

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Last modified: May 17, 2023