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Adopted 15-Year-Old Miguel Coppedge Launches Krulle Hair Care For Boys and Men

By Arthia Nixon, Ambassador Agency

Washington, D.C, USA… At just 15-year’s old, author, filmmaker and adoption advocate Miguel Coppedge has launched a hair care line for natural men and boys. Coppedge created his product Krulle after noticing there weren’t many items on the market for his demographic. 

“Black boys and men have always been trendsetters with our hair,” he said. “But whenever we go in the stores, it’s always a lot of products for women but nothing for us. I made a cream and hair butter formula for my own hair and a lot of people told me how they liked my curl definition after I was using it and wanted some. I started doing research and my mom helped me with it and we sold out at our first vending event and that’s when I realized I had a potential hit.”

In coming up with the name for his product, Miguel spent hours researching African words he felt would let buyers know who the product was for and that’s when he came up Krulle.

“It’s pronounced kru-la-la and it’s from the Afrikaan language spoken in South Africa,” he explained. “It literally means curls so there you go. To me, Krulle represents our African heritage and naturalness of our Black coils.”

According to his mother, Yolanda Coppedge, Miguel is a regular kid. To others, he’s far from average having published three bestselling books “The Adventures of FireMan”, “The Case of the Stinger”, and “Friendly Officers” by age ten. He used the proceeds of those books to give back to the St. Ann’s Center for Children, Youth, and Families where he was fostered as an infant before he was adopted. 

Miguel has been recognized by multiple entities and people, most notably by former President Barack Obama who met him and presented him with a personal letter.  

 “People see him as a speaker or filmmaker or author or social change maker,” says Yolanda. “He’s a very special young man and I am blessed to be his mother. When you have a child who has a vision, you absolutely invest in them if you can. It will pay off.”

For more information, visit krulle.com 

Last modified: October 8, 2021