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Ambassador Rev. Dr. Sandrian Nelson-Moon: Trailblazer on the Move

7 Time Award Winning Global Peace Ambassador to the United Nations, 2022 US President’s Volunteer Award Recipient, International Best Selling Author, Transformational Keynote Speaker, CEO and Business Coach

Her Excellency Ambassador Rev. Dr. Sandrian Nelson-Moon is a unique tenacious catalyst for change. A vocal education and trauma advocate, Sandrian is a former democratic elected County Committee Official for the 43rd district and 31st Assembly in Queens New York, who believes there is still life after tragedy, and has continued to forge forward. She is an abduction, rape, molestation and depression survivor, that empowers and motivates women to embrace their past and aims to help individuals find their voice and resurface even after the pain. A writer of very intricate sublime depth and emotion. Sandrian believes there is nothing you cannot combat if you will it.

A Global Peace Ambassador to the United Nations, International Best Selling Author, Ordained Minister, Ordained Licensed International Chaplain, Transformational Keynote Speaker, Business Coach and Future Attorney. Mrs Nelson-Moon is also Founder and CEO of Sandrian Nelson Moon Enterprise LLC, a conglomerate of companies including the Inspire Life Foundation Nonprofit and the Inspire Life Ministries focused on helping individuals, are pillars of strength and growth for many. Sandrian is also the creator of the Write to Restoration Writing course and the I CAN Initiative Coaching Series both designed through her Inspire Life Academy to help equip the masses with proper tools and strategies to be able to live out their dreams as authors, speakers, business owners and millionaires is ground breaking. Familiar with rising from the ashes herself Sandrian has delivered numerous empowering and motivational speeches and helped others to find their true purpose.

Her Nonprofit organization, The Inspire Life Foundation’s hope is to aid victims of rape, molestation, domestic abuse, mental health issues and other personal trauma to transition themselves from pain to acknowledement that would then usher them into self improvement and a sense of solace as they take their steps to proper healing. Sandrian believes healing is continual and believes that with the right tools and resources and her personal journey as proof to redemption she can help others find their way to life again after the pain.

Sandrian believes in deliverance and continues to serve her community in many facets helping combat homelessness, hunger, mental illness and mere need. Today she serves as a National Coordinator for the Ruth Sisters Fellowship International Nonprofit, a member of the Caribbean Girls Mission of Hope Nonprofit and serves on multiple committees within Word of Life Ministries International and the United Nations namely the Justice and Legal Affairs committee, the Leadership and Women’s Affairs committee and the Northeastern USA Affairs committee, and because of her efforts over a span of over 20 years she received the Ruth Sisters Award this past April and received the US President’s Volunteer Award December 2022. Sandrian is a native of Kingston, Jamaica but a current resident of Suffolk County NY, and is a mom, wife, kitchen connoisseur and an avid dancer. With a fierce passion for resurgence, when she speaks people listen with their ears, hearts and souls because her transparency refreshingly transcends pretense. She is a walking miracle that inspires many to find their God given talent and footing!!

Contact Information
Instagram: @coachsandrianspeaks1
Facebook: Sandrian Campbell (H.E Dr. Nelson-Moon)
website: www.sandriannelmoon.com
Contact: 6315336398

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