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Annette Watson-Johnson

Annette Watson-Johnson is the CEO and Founder of Dynamic Participators Enterprise Inc. and AWJ Products LLC, which house her GIRLS RUN THE WORLD IN PEARLS projects. She is an Amazon Best-Selling Author, Motivational Speaker, and a Wellness Ambassador. She has a plethora of knowledge in the trilogy (Mental, Physical and Spiritual Wellness areas). Annette has had the opportunity to live and work in localities such as Okinawa, Japan; Sigonella, Sicily; Newport, Rhode Island; Gaithersburg, Maryland; San Diego, California; Tampa and Orlando, Florida. She currently serves as the President Elect of the Employee Morale and Recreation Association overseeing multiple military and civilian organizations equating to more than 2,000 employees. She is the organizer and served for five years as the President Elect and one year as President Emeritus of the Federally Employed Women (FEW) – Central Florida Area Chapter #456. She served on the FEW Southeast Regional Board of Directors. She served on the FEW National Board of Directors as the Lead Contracts Chair. She served as the 2nd and 3rd VP of Blacks in Government – Brevard, Space Coast Chapter. Girlz Run The World In Pearls: Unmasking the Jewel: Testimonials and deliverance from adversities One Hundred Words of Motivation Words to motivate you It Takes Money, Honey: Guaranteed Strategies to Wealth  Creation, Proven Tips for Financial Freedom and Developing Faith Daily Dose of Declarations: A 365 Day Journey to Help You Declare Positive Affirmations over Your Life. For more book information log on to: http://dynamicparticipators.org/annette-s-products-page www.dynamicparticipators.org Instagram: @dynamicparticipators Facebook: @dynamicparticipators Twitter: @dynamicparticipators1 Linkedin: Dynamic Participators Other: YouTube Channel: dynamicparticipators Ecommerce Store: https://girlzruntheworldinpearls.com/

Last modified: August 18, 2020