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Ashton Parsley – When the Heart Dreams

Ashton Parsley
When The Heart Dreams

By Tammy Collins Markee

Creativity Meets Mastery when the mind of a young woman who composes poems creatively sparks; its own peculiar brilliance on the tapestry of inspiration. Ashton Parsley’s precision in writing with creative skill, and eloquence in poetic flow totally inspires the mind and soul on a sacred journey; to a place of deepening the faith.

 Ashton Parsley is the daughter of Pastor Rod & Joni Parsley. Her parents has pastored World Harvest Church in Columbus, Ohio for over 40 years. Pastor Rod Parsley, Prominent American Christian Minister, who is senior pastor of  World Harvest Church, a large Pentecostal Mega church serving of a membership over 12,000 in Columbus, Ohio. 

Ashton Parsley, as a young child had precociously developed a passion for writing poignant poems and vignettes. In her Rise, and as a figure in society, the mind of this young lady has a mental prowess that never ceases to amaze her contemporaries. Her journey has run the gamut of many diverse intellectual disciplines, including ministry, television and music. 

She has taken on her divine assignment to share with humility; to educate, empower, and motivate employing the medium of creative writing. The scope of her creative inclination is so vast that it is changing the world; through component of divine wisdom. She has amazing mechanism for producing the unique abilities to be diverse in all ways to reach other platforms.

In the beloved state, she marches beside the World Harvest Church Family to bring inspiration.World Harvest Church is a multi-site branch campus. She is a faithfully member of the creative/marketing team and the Executive Liaison for the World Harvest Church Executive Offices.

At World Harvest Church, Ashton has grown into the role of Creative Director, in which she brings a new level of creativity and direction to that ministry. She is helping others find direction inside of themselves, and this is the true mark of spiritual maturity. She is eager for the people of God to receive requisite wisdom; for true christian growth, and she therefore teaches them to possess the wherewithal to become aware of the governing principles of divine awareness, discernment and wisdom. Amazingly, she teaches people to release themselves from the psychological burden of the problems they are facing daily, and to reach outside the borders of their minds to receive God’s universal support. 

Ashton Parsley produces and hosts a legendary and impactful magazine-style talk show. In 2011, she obtained her Bachelor’s Degree from Miami University in Creative Writing. In 2013, she graduated with a Master’s degree in Human Services (Christian Ministry) from Liberty University.

In addition, she is a copy editor for Breakthrough Television. Ashton previously appeared as an esteemed host of rodparsley.tv, an uniquely schedule program on The Word Network.

Which features people from all walks of life that are able to turn adversity to their advantage; as they triumph over barriers and hurdles and turn obstacles into opportunities. 

Interestingly, her newly syndicated program Juice TV, Seriously?  ‘Seriously’ spans as nationwide syndicated television production is a landmark beacon of inspiration to God’s people. 

Also, She co-hosts TV programs with Pastor Rod Parsley-120 LIVE and Breakthrough; which is widely seen on major Christian Television Networks around the globe. This is in addition to her taking, a more active role in her father’s (Breakthrough Television) event; which she is officially the ‘Co-host’ of Breakthrough, her father’s television program.

She is acting as Co-host and Creative Director for the Ministries at Large of this outstanding organization. In addition, she has stepped out to do press junkets this year in Hollywood, and is beginning to minister on the road. 

 Ashton is also now a freelance press reporter, and has been invited to interview and cover movies, producers and actors in Los Angeles. She works extensively with Grace Hill Media; to help promote films that are faith-based and family friendly. Where she shares her creative vision and brilliant determination in the service of humanity to the Glory of God.

She felt led by God to transition to online platforms. She has recently launched a YouTube channel, and is producing new content there.

Her diligence in igniting the spirit of creativity in the hearts, minds, and souls of her spiritual brothers and sisters are a composite reflection of her father’s vision for Harvest Music Live & Breakthrough Television, as well as her own vision to be a servant of divine destiny for benefit of all mankind, and to the eternal glory of God. 

Ashton Parsley is esteemed as a beacon of illuminating humanitarianism. She is making a distinguished mark as a young lady; with a truly heart-stirring vision that eloquently proves that When our heart DREAMS, all of our ambitions and goals come alive!!!!

TCM: Yours is such an incredibly rich resume. Can you give us a synopsis of your eventful life?

Ashton Parsley:”Let me answer that question by saying this, The various areas which I work for in the ministry. I don’t consider my work here to be a job or even a career. I consider it a calling. On the surface level, what I do for a living and what I do in the ministry on a day-to-day basis; you covered a lot of it in that amazing introduction.The title that I am probably most proud of is Director of Student Life at Valor Christian College; which was founded by my Father in the early 90s. When I returned home after receiving my bachelors degree in Miami. I started developing some programs in the student life department at Valor Christian College, and it kind of inadvertently fell into that role. I have been doing it ever since, and I have great passion for students the younger generation, and the college career-age generation.That’s probably one of my favorite titles and favorite parts of my job, working with the students as their Director of Student Life. I am also a writer for World Harvest Music Live. I write songs and help to arrange the work done on albums. Also, music for church services then as you said, I also host, produce and write for my TV Show (Seriously?!) with Ashton Parsley.

I also, Co-host and do a little writing and a little producing for my dad’s daily program, “Breakthrough” as well as 120 Live. I am a part of our lead team at World Harvest Church. I am on the Creative Marketing, Service Planning, Strategic Team. Then of course, I am traveling a lot and have been given several wonderful opportunities just within the past couple of years since my show launched; to be able to travel from Australia to the UK. Also, to Austin, Texas and to Branson, Missouri.

I have been apart of different conferences and interview great “Generals of the Faith” and wonderful worship leaders, artists and musicians. As a result, of that I have also traveled for my program. Right now the current project that I am working on will kind of consume my life for the next couple of months; it is our theatrical stage production. That we have every year around Halloween,  called “Master’s Welcome.” It is completely original script written by me, and and a few of our other team members. I am executive producer as well as the co-director for that production; that has over 100 actors in it. We will see about 15,000 to 20,000 people come to our property during the weekend. That production is on stage, and it is great soul winning opportunity. For when we did it in 2015, after I rewrote the script in 2014 we saw a combination total of about 3,000 people come to the altar, and give their lives to Jesus Christ. 

At the end of the day, that is what all of my work is all about; to place the Jewel of our Souls in The Crown of Our Savior! That is a little bit of what I do here at the ministry, and some of the current projects that I am involved in. So, I am definitely busy. And I always whether be busy than bored.”

TCM: Who were inspirational role models in your life?

Ashton Parsley: “This might sound a little cliche, but my brother Austin. He is my younger brother, and he is 26 years old. I am 28 years old. When he was 3 years old, and he was diagnosed with an Autism Spectrum Disorder. Just watching him, as a walking miracle each and every day. Austin inspires me to love with a pure heart; because he is a person in whom there is no bible. Partially that is because of what many would call it his disability. I would call it his ability because of his Autism he sees life and people through a very pure lens. So, each and every day he teaches me how to love as Christ love. And of course, he taught me patience. He is what made me believe in miracles from a very young age. He is just my best pal. He is an inspiration and role model to me. I tell him all the time; that I want to be just like you when I grow up. And then of course, my parents are my twin pillars. They are the cornerstone of my life. In Ministry, sometimes we are all each other have. It has been a party, and we say “sometimes it has been a surprise party.” Watching my parents navigate, not just ministry but navigate our family through ministry, and through the public’s eye. 

Having a child with Autism, and being at some severe disadvantages as far as that is concern.Watching my parents faith that never wavered. In the face, of any adversity has been what has inspired me to lead the life that I live today!”

TCM: Can you give us an example, where adversity in your life challenge you to turn that situation; to your advantage and thereby “Gain from the Pain” of that experience to achieve a divine victory in your life? 

Ashton Parsley: “Growing up with a last name that is rather well-known; and a father and parents that are internationally recognizable. I’ve faced a lot of adversity especially growing up. Attending the prep school that my father founded, and I’ve kind of lived my whole life which I like to call the fish bowl effect.

Everyone is not only looking at you, but unfortunately many are looking for you to fail. And living a life under that microscope, under no small amount of scrutiny. Watching my parents be scrutinize, many times in a very public’s eye by the media; has proven to be very challenging at times. Our family’s model has always been head down, shoulders square, and keep on moving. It may seem simple but in other words just don’t quit. Yes, there has been times that living this life,  has made dying looks easy. Ministry is a revolving door, and leadership can be lonely. 

People will hurt you, and steal from you. Lie to you, leave and betray you. In ministry, you are dealing in the medium of people. When I feel like quitting. God always reminds me that he put me in this position and gave me this life; because he trust me to minister to His people. When asking how I ‘Gain From the Pain’? I just keep going, and because I know that satan can’t win, if I don’t quit.” 

TCM: I’m aware that you are a committed mind young lady; producing your own unique work helping countless people. What is your compelling vision of how to develop yourself into an effective leader; that inspire others to succeed in their own life’s mission? 

Ashton Parsley: “First of all it takes Faith. Also, faithfulness to be a leader. We know that without faith; it is impossible to please God. Without faithfulness it is impossible to move God. You have to prove yourself faithful for God’s work, in order for Him to promote you to a position of power and influence. Secondly, On a very practical level. My father has taught me that the most important part of leadership is being present. Showing up being there, fulfilling commitments, keeping your word, and living by example. Not just saying it, but showing it. I have a quote that is posted in my home, by Jane Austen that says, “It isn’t what we say or think that defines us, but what we do.People may not remember your name, but they’ll remember what you did for them, how you treated them, and how you were present for them. I hope that I inspire others to be a person of presence, integrity and character.” 

TCM: Your work has laid down a Framework for Inspiration. What are the key ingredients to a fulfilling one’s dreams? 

Ashton Parsley: “I could go on about this forever. This is such a great question. Dreams are simply goals with deadlines. For me, the key to fulfilling my dreams were simple just getting started. Setting a deadline to start moving toward my goal. When I was graciously offered my own TV program. I gave myself and my team four weeks before going on the air. If we had not set deadlines, I probably still me sitting here two years later; trying to create the first episode. It was hard work, but that’s another key ingredient, Right? Work! 

Elbow grease and some late nights; fulfilling one’s dreams take a great deal of sacrifice. Sacrifice is not a popular word among my generation; but nothing worth having is ever easy. If I wasn’t willing to sacrifice my time, some sleep and social engagement, of this nature. My dreams could have never come to full fruition. Focus is also key because distractions can be deadly to your dreams. And of course, you have to have faith, trusting in God. I think that is the most important key of all!”

TCM: What moments in your life defined, shaped and molded you for this extraordinary journey into creativity?

Ashton Parsley: “There was really not one, single ‘aha’ lightbulb moment, that I can pin point. Rather, my life has been a series of seemingly insignificantly ‘yeses’, &  ‘yes moments’. Where God gave me an opportunity to trust Him. Something else that my dad always says, is that “the instruction you chose to obey determines the future you create.” 

For instance, I wanted to attend a certain college, but I was convince that was the place for me. God actually shut that door, and open up another door for me at a different school. And that yet, that one choice begin a domino affect that change the trajectory of my life, career, and turn my future. If I had chosen my own will at that time. I would be in a very different place in my life right now. It is in that moment where I say, “Yes” to God’s will as oppose to my own that really shaped and molded me. I have learned that obedience is the key that unlocks; God’s blessings in my life!”

TCM: The world is waiting to see what is next for Ashton Parsley. What do you envision yourself doing in the next five years? 

Ashton Parsley: “That is a tough question, people ask me this all the time. I do, of course live by a schedule, but I don’t presume to know God’s calendar for my life. So, my plan is just keep saying “yes” to Him. I know that He will take care of the rest. Like Apostle Paul, decided whatever my lot, I will learn to be content with all. With God’s plan, it is always so much better than mine anyway. I would love to continue hosting, producing and traveling. I have a defined goal on me. 

My faith is in His plan first. According to Jeremiah 29:11. My plan for the next five years is to just bloom; where I am  planted here in Columbus, Valor, World Harvest Church and (Seriously?!). Just bloom where I am planted until God himself uproots me!!”

TCM: What would you wish for your Global Dynasty Dreamer Legacy to be? 

Ashton Parsley:”First all I love that, Global Dynasty Dreamer Legacy. I love the word ‘Legacy.’ This may sound like a cliche as well, but I just want my legacy to be that I lived by faith. My Father and Mother, they are Pastors. Our mentor who has gone on to be with the Lord, Dr. Lester Sumrall. He used to say, “Faith is simply knowing God.” When I am gone I want people to say, that she knew God. I want them to know God when they see me, meet and interact with me. I want them to experience His Love through me, and receive an infusion of faith that causes them to fearlessly follow Christ all the days of their life.”

Rt. Hon. Tammy Collins Markee, Columnist for K.I.S.H.Magazine-(Dynasty of Dreamers).

Last modified: August 18, 2020