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“Beyond The Four Blocks” by Dr. Cernata Catherine Morse

Dr. Cernata C. Morse is a Professional Consultant at Deloitte and higher education professional as an adjunct professor, doctoral coach and mentor, and lecturer for several universities and professional entities. She has worked for both federal and state governments, public school systems, and major global corporations over the past 25 years. She is the author of Beyond The Four Blocks, A Memoir (2019), as well as contributing author of Breakthrough Mentoring in the 21st Century (2011), and currently working on another publication, while developing content to be published in several peer review journals.

Dr. Morse is passionate about impacting positive social change and one of her commitments to social change is while she climbs the ladder of success, she reaches back and extends a hand of partnership to another. Throughout her career she has demonstrated her commitment to impacting social change in every aspect of her profession.

Born in Washington, D.C., yet she grew up in Alexandria, VA, Dr. Morse is mindful of her humble beginnings and life’s challenges. She has successfully navigated the pitfalls of life only as a result of her undying faith of trusting God. Dr. Morse realizes that her “ladder is greater than her past.” She is committed to impacting social change professionally and globally, allowing her journey to be a beacon of light to those aspiring to fulfill their destiny in life. She affirms she was “planted” with a “purpose” to “empower, educate, and enrich” the lives of others. As she continues to fulfill her destiny of becoming a noted author, educator, lecturer, mentor, and life coach, she is always reminded that each day is an opportunity to become the most successful you! Dr. Morse’s faith and love of family have been instrumental in her success.

Dr. Morse holds a Bachelor of Science (BS) degree in Business Management from the University of Phoenix, a Masters of Business Administration (MBA): with a specialization in Leadership degree from Walden University and a Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) degree in Management: with a specialization in Leadership and Organizational Change from Walden University. She is the proud mother of three adult children: Zack C. Morse, II; Znada Catherine Morse Jacobs, and Zelexis Chante’ Morse. And the grandmother of five beautiful grandchildren, Zierre, Yareli, Caleb, Baylie Grey, and Zorian. Dr. Morse resides in the suburbs of Washington, D.C.

Back of the Cover
She demonstrates how one can transform life, despite the trials and triumphs, when purpose, forgiveness, love and family is the nucleus of the equation. Throughout her journey, Dr. C. demonstrates “the hand she was dealt was required for her to play and win the game of life.” And she is winning!!! In this book, you will learn how life lessons, and relationships can make or break you, and how pathology will continue to plague families until a decision is made to break the cycle and create a new life for yourself and generations to follow.

~ Dr. Walter R. McCollum, Higher Education Administrator


A recipient of an array of accolades and awards in academic and professional spheres, Dr. Morse is passionate about using her success to impact social change in her personal environment and globally. To her skills as lecturer, mentor and coach she now adds that of author, with the publication of Beyond The Four Blocks, A Memoir. In leisure time with family and friends, she continues to practice the art of legacy baking and gatherings as a ministry of love. She lives in the Washington, D. C. Metro area, only a bit over 6 miles from her childhood home in The Berg.

~ Brenda Nesbitt, Bloomery Forge, LLC (Media)

Hard luck, hard times, and the hard work of forgiveness…only serves to reveal to and through this author the reality that faith and perseverance, unintimidated by circumstances, can script an extraordinary story of triumph. More than a memoir, this is a testimony of one woman’s journey through the bitter and sweet moments of life, drawing powerful lessons from her experiences with both loss and gain.

In Beyond The Four Blocks, A Memoir, Dr. Cernata Morse wants you to know that your complex life is a gift cultivated by the imagination of your faith and your determination to transcend calamity and imposed boundaries. No matter how long it may take, or the volume of debilitating setbacks, God will place people along your path to help propel you beyond the place of physical, psychological, educational, emotional, social and financial confinement. She’s lived this first hand; and through her inspiring memoir, she makes it plain to see for the reader.

Praise for Dr. Morse and “Beyond The Four Blocks”
This book will resonate with so many who have suffered loss and are in the process of rebounding. A beacon of hope for those who have lost their voice and given up on their dreams, it’s also an inspiration to help fulfill the dreams of others. A reminder that a foundation built on love, family and forgiveness, transcends all.

Dr. Walter R. McCollum, Higher Education Administrator.


I love this story. The language. The folks. The courage. How could I not? We start like this: “My eyes open. The unmistakable odor of Mr. Clean spanks my nose. That’s how I know it’s Saturday. Scrubbed and rubbed to cloroxed perfection, our home is getting ready for Sunday. “ What in any other book would be a fine character, a protagonist, is here that unlikely creature of truth. A heroine. Charmed and damned in equal measure until her own resilient courage sets her free. Cernata. Dr. Morse. Well done.

Maggie White, Writer/Media Consultant


She had me from the first chapter, a sharply beautiful remembrance of childhood in a nearly forgotten corner of Alexandria, Virginia. In that time of hot summers and double-dutch, neighbors looked out for you, and generations built lives on faith and fine home cooking. When unexpected events force “Dr. C.” to find her voice beyond her four blocks, we find it brave, ironic and never less than fascinating.

Dan Dalriada, Film/TV Professional


Cernata Morse has penned an engaging, open-hearted memoir filled with wisdom and hope. An accomplished scholar, teacher and businesswoman whose faith, family and friendships have sustained her through tragedy and desolation, Morse reflects deeply on her life’s many crossroads, distilling from them bright gems of insight and inspiration for the reader.

Liz Netzel, Fresh Ink

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