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Black Mom Creates Racism Discussion Courses For Parents

By Arthia Nixon

Atlanta, Georgia… Parenting and youth coach Tameka Anderson is encouraging families to prepare themselves for discussions on racism, especially with the constant coverage of protests following the death of George Floyd by a police officer in the United States.

Anderson, the mother of a 10-year-old three-time TedX speaker and founder of Parenting Confident Kids, created nine-week courses to train parents on the subject. She has garnered interest especially from people who are not Black/African-American who want to learn how to navigate the conversations with their friends and relatives without seeming insensitive.

“During this time of public unrest, not talking to your children about racism is no longer an option, said Anderson. “I’ve heard many parents all over the world ask, ‘how do I talk to my kids about racism?’ or, ‘I don’t want to expose my children to so much violence’ because they feel powerless. The problem isn’t talking about racism and protests, the problem is dealing with your resistance as a parent to talking about these issues. In order to cause a lasting change in the world, this needs to be confronted head-on.”

Anderson’s courses began in June 2020 and she also has a Bootcamp on the way. Because of the subject matter, she has had several people go from the group format to private sessions.

“Every home is different,” she said. “Some things cannot be discussed in an open setting when you are seeing things from different cultural backgrounds.”

For more information and signup, please visit www.parentingconfidentkids.com

Last modified: June 10, 2020