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Call her Mrs. “Sea Moss” Claus

Mrs. Annette Watson-Johnson is a six-time Amazon Best Selling Author,
President, Founder, CEO, Mentor, Wellness Ambassador, Motivational &
International Speaker. She is a graduate of the University of Maryland with
a Bachelor of Science and National University with a Master of Art. She
served as President for the Federally Employed Women (FEW) Central
Florida Area Chapter, sat on the Board at the National and Regional levels,
and served as 2 nd & 3 rd Vice President of Blacks in Government Space
Coast Chapter and President Elect 2018-2020 of a Morale Organization for
over 1,500 military and civilian employees. She is the President of Dynamic
Participators Enterprise a (5013c) non-profit, Founder of AWJ Products
LLC, which houses her GIRLS RUN THE WORLD IN PEARLS online store,
book publishing, and sea moss products businesses. She has a plethora of
knowledge in the holistic trilogy (Mental, Physical and Spiritual Wellness)
areas. God saw a passion in Annette and gave her an assignment to aid
others in an area that she did not foresee.

Annette wants to spread holiday wellness cheer! Her 2023 holiday wish is
to be your Mrs. “Sea Moss” Claus to encourage everyone to give gifts of
wellness this post COVID19 pandemic holiday season. She wants
everyone to bless a family, friend, coworker, or neighbor who may be
suffering with any aliment or want to “Just Get Well”. She has products
ready for shipment and will continue to create products for your stocking
stuffers, gift exchanges, or for personal use that can build the internal and
external immune system because her products are infused with wild crafted
sea moss, teas, and herbs. Her product line includes sea moss gels,
capsules, skin cream, anti-aging cream, hormone balancing cream, detox
scrub, hair/scalp/beard cream, shampoo/body wash, bath tea, detox kit and
parasite cleaning kit. Each of her products contains over 92 vitamins and
minerals. Wellness Gift baskets options are available.

One thing that we all have learned during the COVID19 pandemic is how
sick the world can get when our human bodies are invaded by viruses that
attack our low immune systems. We were all shocked because we thought
we were eating and living in more healthy environments. One of Annette’s
messages she has spoken about on the world stage and in her book

entitled “Girls Run The World In Pearls,” was that once God came to her in
a dream in 2019 and said, “Just Get Well”, she asked God to guild her
footsteps to what it was he wanted her to do. He led her into the kitchen
and unveiled a gift of herbalism of which she was not aware. Because of
her obedient, God has made tremendous changes in her life.

Annette’s leadership experience and obedience to Gods purpose for her
has led her to a large social media presence, travels across the USA and
onto the world stage in territories such as London England, St. Thomas VI,
Barbados, Costa Maya Mexico and more scheduled, with a message to
“Just Get Well.” She educates, speaks to motivate, and encourage others
to incorporate more of Gods plant based ingredients into their wellness
journey per Genisis 1:29. She backs up her message with the vegan,
organic & plant based supplements and body care line of wellness products
she formulated with over sixty varieties. As the healing testimonials
continue to pour in, she reminds others to give God the glory because he
created her products ingredients, she just formulated them out of

Annette began creating her wellness product line in 2019 immediately after
she received the assignment from God. Only God saw the impending
pandemic that would plague the universe beginning in 2020. Annette used
much of her personal funds to help those in need of her products because
they could help build the immune system and much more. Since then, the
testimonials of those who use them have created more people to inquire
and become lifetime customers. They all seem to state that they had been
praying for products that could aid them. God has blessed Annette with a
new website and has led her to vendor opportunities around the world
which has created new customers, published in several magazine, several
billboard including her own billboard advertising her products in St. Thomas
VI and now she has a physical location that offers a pre-scheduled VIP
shopping experience.

Annette is adamant about doing God’s will because she hears testimonials
from so many of her customers about how their high blood numbers have
dropped to much healthier numbers and some have been removed from
their medication per the doctors’ orders. She has received positive results

testimonials from customers with neuropathy, arthritis, eczema, cancer,
thyroid, Parkinsons disease, fibromyalgia, prostate issues, psoriasis, and
much more. She stated that in this modern time, we have forgotten that
God is still in control. Her job is to remind others by empowering them with
knowledge and equipping them with the products with the ingredients that
God created. This information is for informational purposes only and not
intended as medical advice. She encourages everyone to consult with your
physician prior to consuming or using her products for any ailment you are
being treated for. Mrs. “Sea Moss” Claus is standing by to fill all orders
today. Merry Christmas and a happy wellness holiday season to all.

Instagram: @justgetwellseamoss
Facebook: @justgetwellseamoss
LinkedIn: Annette Watson-Johnson
Other: YouTube Channel: just get well sea moss
Email: justgetwellseamoss@gmail.com
Business Phone: (813) 334-3120

Last modified: December 6, 2023