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Cearah Hamilton

Cearah Hamilton was born in St. Paul, MN with aspirations of one day being a dynamic change agent that impacted the masses. Since a child Cearah knew that God called her to do something impactful for the Kingdom of God. She had no idea that the road ahead wouldn’t be a cake walk, but a time for God to mold and shape her to carry out the call he had for her life.

Raised in church and being the daughter of a preacher, Cearah had trouble finding a place where she belonged. She often times was excluded and bullied by her peers at both church and school for reasons she never understood. Along with battling with family stress and exclusion Cearah found God! At the tender age of 7 years she received the precious gift of the holy spirit and she gave her life to the Lord.

Cearah attended Como Park Senior High school in St. Paul, MN where she not only found her love for inspiring others but also for the arts.

During her High School career Cearah starred in several stage plays with local theatre companies. She was also casted as the leading lady in the film “Boy’s Cry” an anti – bullying film that later developed into a movement that provides young people space to discuss issues of bullying and solutions to it.

At the age of fourteen years old God gave Cearah a vision for a program for young ladies. In the vision God showed her the many girls and women that would be impacted. Cearah shared the vision with her Mother who encouraged her to seek God for further guidance. Later that year Cearah and her Mother attended a church service. During this service a prophet from Texas called her out by name to confirming her dream and encourage her to begin work on the vision God had given her. Although fourteen-year-old Cearah was extremely nervous to step out and begin this work, she knew that she must move forward! Cearah understood that this program was bigger than her.

In 2008 “MZ.P.R.I.S.S.Y” (Pure, Radiant, Intelligent, Sophisticated, Spiritual, Young-women) was born. This program was created to not only present purity in a new way to youth, but to also combat the idea of what media says a “lady” should be and assist young women discover their God given purpose! MZ.P.R.I.S.S.Y is very intentional about making sure each ladies feels they matter and belong. Cearah Hamilton and her team are currently in the stages of revamping curriculum and relaunching the program in the Fall.

In conjunction to her mentorship program God lead Ms. Hamilton to compete in the National Miss Black US Ambassador Pageant in which she won in 2014. Cearah traveled all over the country as Miss Black US Ambassador encouraging, empowering and enlightening through media platforms, hosting empowerment events, and educating communities around issues that truly matter. She also used this time to share her program with many young ladies she crossed paths with.

At a young age God revealed to Cearah a few things that helped guide and craft her life. She knew God called her to be a messenger, but post high school Cearah began to really experience some life. She was no longer sheltered and that pure, clean, focused young women began to truly learn what it means to constantly be in pursuit of purity of the mind, body, and soul.

One of the main characteristics about Cearah that attract so many is her authenticity and transparency. It takes true God given boldness to share your deepest hurts and triumphs in hopes that it ignites someone else. Cearah understands that her ultimate job is to love and serve others while carrying out Gods will for her life.

Cearah is a rising force to be reckoned with – she launched her radio show with one of St. Paul’s new primere stations, WEQY 104.7fm. She will also be launching a new show on KMOJ’s new HD station “The Ice” this month! Cearah is also working alongside her mentor and current Minnesota State Senator Bobby Joe Champion as his legislative assistant. She is determined to make a difference by using all the gifts and talents God has given her.

Cearah Hamilton’s inviting personality, jovial spirit and inspiring message captures all who encounter her. She’s is grateful and humbled to be used by God and determined to remain effective as she carries out his will for her life.

If you’d like to book Cearah Hamilton for event please contact cearahhamiltonimpacts@gmail.com . Also, please feel free to follow Cearah on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram @cearahhamilton.

Last modified: August 20, 2020