Written by: Entrepreneur Spotlight

Celebrity Kids Hair Care Line Gets Raving Review From Hip Hop Icon Master P

Natural Bunch Kids Hair Care, was founded by a serial entrepreneur, Betty Ceus. As a single mother of two and educator for the past fifteen years Betty has earned her immense recognition. As one of the top hair care brands in  New York City and in the haircare field, NBK has been nationally celebrated for its innovative products that highlight all hair textures in the predominantly African- American community. The popularity of the extraordinary brand landed in the hands of hip -hop icon Master P. Master P labeled the product a “nine out of ten”. Quoting “ This product is incredible…  I can’t wait to see this product everywhere.  Support this brand, Wow!” Master P’s  review of the black-owned business landed over 20000 views and exposure to nearly 3 million. In which, gained the NBK brand a new variety of clientele. 

Heighting in its notoriety similar to the rap pioneer, Master P,  a vast quantity of celebrity children have supported the NBK products. The famed children in which have supported NBK reigns to from Meghan & Morgan True Blue Twin, actresses Andrea & Selena from Netflix “Holiday Rush”, River Mason Eromosele best-selling author seen on Forbes, actress Rylee Gabrielle King from “The Photograph” movie, and Lyanie B Jean the niece of Grammy award-winner Wycleaf Jean. In which, are just a few notable celebrity children to embrace brands’ amazing quality of products.  

In 2016, subsequent to observing the consistent struggles parents shared with their children’s hair. As well, the founders own complexities unearthing quality haircare products for her own daughter led her on an innovative entrepreneurial journey, Having a vast zeal for children the brand, Natural Bunch Kids Hair Care, launched. In 2017, following her pursuit in quality hair care the founder acquired her stylist license. Over the duration of four years NBK has dominated in being a children’s hair care line that empowers children with diverse hair textures to love their hair. In addition, NBK has successfully provided a solution that assists parents in increasing mixture retention and promotes healthy hair growth. 

Last modified: April 11, 2022