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Christie Dobbins

Elder Christie Dobbins is a wife, a mom, mentor/coach, as well as a sought-after international  speaker with an empowering message of hope. Christie’s personal mission is to inspire God’s  people to move beyond the status quo. Seasoned with laughter and saturated with Truth, this  modern-day Deborah loves nothing more than helping people reach their full potential through  preaching and teaching the uncompromising word of God. As such, Christie’s messages are filled  with powerful Biblical insights for practical life-application. More specifically, Christie has an  uncanny ability of showing you where God resides amid your pains, joys, frustrations, and in  everyday life.  

Christie is the principal and founder of Christie Dobbins Ministries™ and Christie Dobbins, LLC.  In 2016, she founded Closing the Gap™–a spiritual mentoring program for women. With an  emphasis on biblical teaching, the program is designed to close the spiritual gaps that exist between  and betwixt generations. In addition, Christie is a preferred conference speaker and an ordained  minister at her local church where she serves as an instructor in their school of ministry.  

Christie is married to Pastor Venshard Dobbins, Sr. and they are parents to four sons−John,  Venshard, Jr., Diemeary, and Joshua. 

Last modified: March 4, 2022