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Cierra LaShaun Jones

Cierra LaShaun Jones, a native of Miami, FL is the CEO and Founder of ACLJ Worldwide, LLC. She is the pioneering face of entrepreneurship through the conglomerate of three online educational institutions of higher learning. Dubbed the coaches of coaches, she has a women’s empowerment group called “Mantled and Mentored” which focuses on the tripart healing of the woman’s spirit, soul and body. She mentors hundreds of women from all over the globe and has world renowned results in the socio-economic, cultural and holistic development of women. 

She is the Founder of “United Kingdom Prophetic Conservatory”, a refined school of the spirit which concentrates highly on the supernatural and mysteries of the Bible. In this scholarly academic environment, students are given extensive insight beyond theological seminaries. 

Additionally, ACLJ is the Founder of the “ACLJ-School of the Prophets”. This online community is an environment created specifically for the prophetic prototype that deals with dreamers , seers and visionaries, prophecy and the management of these supernal gifts. 

After years of teaching, ACLJ realized that it is the child trapped within adults that needs the evolution process of completion. In recognition that men and women grow up with missing pieces and often left to figure life out, she also brought forth the dynamic “Children of the Supernatural-School of the Gifted ©️.” 

This is a subsidiary of the prophetic conservatory but designed specifically for kids with spiritual gifts. This school is so awesome it’s been written about in blog articles.

Prior to the transition to the field of full time ministry, Apostle Cierra’s professional background was that of a Business Manager for Saks Off Fifth, Neiman Marcus and Dillards Inc., overseeing their prestige beauty department. With over 12 years of management experience in prestige beauty, this afforded her the opportunity to manage multi million dollar counters such as Estée Lauder, Dior, Clinique, Lancome and MAC. 

Out of her passion for fashion and the beauty of it all, ACLJ also is the proud owner of the “LaShaun House of Beauty and Couture Fashions”. Her online website 

(www.acljintercontinental.com) features a boutique that offers everything from prayer shawls to glam T-shirts and books for your spiritual enrichment and edification. 

Her cutting edge teaching style and intellectual diversity has inspired the spiritual elevation of everyone she’s come into contact with. She is a woman with a heart for the advancement of people all around the world. 

ACLJ is currently a researcher with the Lawyers of Pakistan, a group that systemically labors to advocate for children and families. She is a recognized humanitarian and Ambassador for the nation of Pakistan with influence in government, law and policy. She is the owner of the ACLJ Food & Bible Distribution Center in Khanewal, Pakistan. 

This center facilitates assistance to widows, orphans and families in need. Hundreds of Bibles have been translated from English to Urdu language. Hundreds of families have been provided food through the center. 

ACLJ is a woman of enterprise, scholarship and service. It is her life’s purpose to be a servant to all she is assigned to along her life’s journey. 




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Last modified: March 4, 2022