Written by: Author Spotlight

COMING SOON! Awaken the Dreamer ” 30 Day Inspirational Devotional for Women”

Awaken the DREAMER is a POWERFUL 30 Day Inspirational Devotional for Women that will speak life and faith back into every dreamer. You will learn not to give up and how to wait on God’s timing to fulfill your dreams. This devotional will teach you how to tap into unlimited possibilities and get back to a place of functioning at the highest domain on earth while living out ALL of your God-Inspired Dreams!

Awaken the DREAMER Devotional has supportive strategies, guidance, and sources that are able to help, lead, empower, and inspire you with prayers. Readers will be inspired to rise up, stay focused and never give up pursuing their DREAMS. Dreamers the time is NOW to fiercely go after your dreams!

Last modified: August 17, 2020