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Destined for Destiny by Author Sophia Sears

The Author Sophia Sears was born on the Island of Grand Bahama, Bahamas. She is married and has five Children. She is a Motivational Speaker, Financial Advisor & Property Manager. The Author holds a Class A 500 tons marine captains license. She managers and overs see’s the operations of Sears charter service, Straight up Auto Rental and Imports & Sears Vacation Rental which are operated out of Abaco, Bahamas. Crowned by the Sister’s Beauty Supplies in Freeport, Bahamas. She has written four books Destined for Destiny, Financial Planning “Building A Strong Future”, The walk to The Promise & How I Became Richly Blessed and My Life Filled with Favor. Her books can be purchased from Amazon.com

Destined for Destiny is based on a true story about a courageous young woman from the beautiful shores of the Bahamas and her one on one encounter with God at a young age. This young believer heard God’s voice say that her life would be patterned after the movie Ever After, a Cinderella story. Though puzzled and perplexed she began to see just what God meant as her life unfolded before her eyes. It talks about the plots and schemes that destroyed a marriage, a home and even a family, yet still worked in her favor and pushed her into her purpose and destiny. Her misery made her a powerful intercessor, curse breaker, career and business woman, a wife to her new found love and husband. Through determination and the power of the Holy Spirit, the curse was broken and the evils woman’s plot for this young woman’s demise did not work.

Financial Planning “Building A Strong Future” is a dynamic self-help guide that delves deep into financial principles to safely secure your financial future. With these practical tools and tips, you will begin to re-think the areas of investment, re-estate planning, retirement planning and savings. Coupled with biblical and practical tools, this guide instills within the reader a sense of ownership and independence. A strong future is obtainable with proper and adequate planning.

The Walk to The Promise talks about on the way to receiving all that God has promised, you must never walk by what you see. The promise is achieved when you walk each day by faith, holding on to God’s promises. It talks about not focusing on the negative that is happening around you, because the negative is only a distraction that tries to Implement doubt towards God and what he has promised. It talks about how some time God needs to process and prepare us for what he wants to give us.

How I Became Richly Blessed and My Life Filled with favor talks about the Author’s encounter with God and the revelation she received on tithing, sowing and how it changed her life forever. Through her obedience, the acquisition of inheritances, and starting several businesses, she set out on a journey that kept her connected with God and his promises. As a result of this connection, she experienced the heavens being opened over her life and the transition from shallow living to walking in the deep. 

Last modified: August 20, 2020