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Dr. Angela Johnson is originally from Fort Lauderdale, Florida. She is a Wife, Mother, Grandmother, and Spiritual Mother. Her childhood home church was C.O.G.I.C. Pentecostal Ft. Lauderdale, Fl where she received salvation. Later down the years she joined the Abundant Life Christian Center where she was active serving in multiple duties under the leadership of Bishop Rick and Pastor Kathy Thomas. Prophetess-Dr. Angela Johnson is a multiple business owner, Kingdom Entrepreneur, the Founder and CEO of Prophetess-Dr. Angela Johnson Global Ministries, Broken To Be Divine Global Ministries, Chocolate Barbiee Fashion Fortress and Foundation, Inc., and Divine Global Enterprises and The T.U.L.I.P. Program for the mentally challenged. Dr. Johnson received her pastoral license and certificates in Ecclesiology, Bachelor’s, Master’s, and Doctoral PhD in Theological studies from Harvest Reapers International School of Ministry. She is also a licensed Life Coach, Christian Counselor, Prophetess, Evangelist, Preacher, Teacher, Anthropologist, Prophetic Intercessor and Intervener, Philanthropist, Activist, Mentor, Global Conference, Motivational, and Empowerment Speaker. She is also educated in Christian theology studies of homiletics where she was certified at New Way Covenant Missionary Baptist School of Higher Learning. She is a mentor and assists people worldwide in communities and schools, both believers and unbelievers, empowering, 204 preaching, and teaching God’s word. She is also a great asset to families and communities globally, youth, young adult, children, women, and men all over. She’s also the founder of CBFF Christian Sorority, Mini CBFF and the Resurgence Mentorship Programs, T.A.L.C. Fresh/ Healthy Start Program, and the S.W.A.T. Children’s Center. Dr. Angela Johnson is a now an author of The Wombcubator, also she is an inventor and has her own perfume line Coccinelle A’dore; she a visionary, beacon with a world-breaker anointing and prophetic destiny activator. She is a fireball that many call a beautiful fire, a dream builder and vision shaper; she has a passion for fashion; she is also the visionary of God’s Women and Men of Steel level up/power up, Prayer Voltage, and She’s Unstoppable. Dr. Angela Johnson was also featured in K.I.S.H. Magazine, Top and an iWorship 96 radio interview. Now Dr. Angela Johnson and her husband Bishop Leroy Johnson are the founders and overseers of Trinity Abundant Love Center International, where everyone is welcome, everyone matters and, even during your toughest challenges, we stand by you and lift you up. Together they are Kingdom Builders working together as a team to help bring change all over and help people embrace their God-given destiny and purpose— united we stand. We are the church that loves God, Christ, Man, and Family Values. We are a multicultural, non-denominational ministry and faith-based center. Apostolic, Evangelistic, Prophetic, Outreach and Deliverance Ministries where God’s word is spread worldwide. She has a powerful evangelistic and missionary team, which visits communities worldwide and educates them about the gospel and also provides other assistance and resources. Also, the House of Faith—in-home Bible study and prayer crusade bringing God’s power and love into homes, it’s time to purge and establish the homes. Their youth ministry is on fleek where their son Minister Alphonso Shepard heads over the Dripping Relentless Youth Center where the youth have a powerful and dynamic 205 way of bringing the word to you coming worldwide with the power of God, they are anointed and appointed. She is on big and has a love of reaching, changing, and imparting in people’s lives even through social media; she is located on Periscope live streaming, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and F.P.L Prophetic Clarion Prayer Conference Line and D.A.R.E Live Streaming where she delivers the word of God right where you are, offers prayer and words of encouragement, impartation, prophetic and biblical teaching, instructions and empowerment to help you stay on the righteous path. In addition, our center offers counseling, mentoring, leadership, educational programs, economic and engaging life tool strategies, and so much more. Dr. Angela Johnson has the Chocolate Barbiee Billionaire Club and Foundation set up to help and assist people worldwide including financial and economy issues, runaways, human trafficking, depression, abuse, rape, mental problems of all kinds, molestation, suicide, jail release, domestic violence, abandonment, autism, cancer, sickle cell, drug and alcohol addiction/ abuse, the posture of her heart is for everyone. Also, this club and foundation has a program to help and prepare young ladies and young mothers even in unplanned pregnancies to transition into womanhood or motherhood. We strongly participate in mental and health awareness programs and we also raise money and provide scholarships. The posture of her heart is for everyone. Follow Dr. Angela Johnson on Twitter @DPAJGlobal, IG @dpajglobal, Facebook: Angela Johnson, Email: trinityabundantlovecenter@gmail.com and Websites: www.angelajohnsonministries.comhttps://chocolatebarbieeff.com, and www.trinityabundantlovecenter.weebly.com

Last modified: August 18, 2020