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Dr. Cint Gilstrap, Ambassador, a native of Atlanta, GA,

Dr. Cint Gilstrap is a force and a movement, she is a Life Transformation Coach also known as “The Pain Changer”. In the tenures of life her Mentor the late (Chris Cooke) asked her what was the one thing in life that she could identify with; and her answer was Pain? This was the turning point in her life. She then made a conscious decision to help those that had experienced Pain and trauma in their life, thus giving her the name “The Pain Changer”. She is a Published Author, Mentor, Entrepreneur, Playwright, Counselor, Coach, Public Speaker, TV Host, Radio Personality, she is a spiritual midwife, operates in the 5 Fold Ministry gifting’s, equipped for Marketplace she helps people to monetize and monopolize with multiple streams of income, Global Ambassador, Chaplain and her desire and mission is to see people free, prospering, and excelling. As a Certified Coach/Counselor of Rescue, Refine, Restore Coaching & Counseling (R3CC) she is the Founder, CEO, Coach & Counselor for those that are in need of her services. Dr. Cint is an advocate for Pain.

After suffering with a traumatic life of molestation, rape, physical, verbal, sexual. emotional abuse, homelessness, poverty, abortion, church wounds, depression, broken relationships, suicide, death of her mother, divorce, and the list goes on she made a decision to do her part to help those that have suffered the same traumatic roller coaster rides that she experienced in her own life. 

She thrives on restructuring the lives of people that have been shattered and broken by implementing successful strategies to assist them in their venue of Recovery. With proper channels of assessment, analysis, communication, and goal setting she strives on the results of total or holistic replacement. She brings an array of experience and testimonies to the table. She is the metamorphosis! Dr. Cint Gilstrap is a Pioneer and enjoys her work in the community. She thrives on making sure that everyone that crosses her path in counseling/coaching/mentorship their life is transformed forever.

Dr. Gilstrap is the Visionary/Founder/CEO of V.O.C. Magazine (Voices of Champions), Gilstrap Global Academy, Down 2 Earth Talk with Dr. Gilstrap (TV Show), Co-Author (Bella’s & Marble A Girl’s Best Friend Illustration), Publisher of E’Bella Magazine, XZeria Fashions & Styling, Fuel up Station Podcast, Publisher of “Sapphire” (Guardian Angel Superhero Comic), Cint Gilstrap Evangelistic International Ministries, Inc., VALOR Ministries (Victoriously Anointed Leaders of Restoration) Deliverance Outreach Ministries Inc., Ruby Society Refuge Center, Ruby Society Outreach, Inc. Project Cover (an annual project) for the past 7 years, and GEMINI, Inc.  an Apostolic covering of leaderships (Global Elite Ministry International Network Inc.), CEO of CXE (screenplay, production, poetry), Published Author: Stolen (Shattered Years of my Childhood) the Founder of Rescue, Refine, Restore Coaching & Counseling LLC, Presiding International Presbyter of Apostolic Movement International Worldwide (Zambia/USA) and Dr. Cint is the CEO of Just Because Words & Expressions,

Dr. Gilstrap has made guest appearances on WATC TV channel 57 (Atlanta Live) with Bobby Hurd, hosted her own TV Show on Comcast Peoples TV channel 26 in Atlanta, GA. She has made guest appearances on 1480 WYZE am with Regina Slaughter and Co-Host with Mr. “Boot” Carter (FORMALLY of Troy Ramey & The Soul Searchers). She has appeared on WAOK 1380 (the sister station of V103) with Edna Parrish and her nonprofit organization the Good Shepard Foundation. She has hosted her own Radio Show on the Sunshine Station 1150AM WJEM out of Valdosta, GA and has made several guest appearances on FAITHTV in London, England. She currently hosts her own Radio Show on God’s Glory Radio Network out of North Carolina. Spotlighted as one of t Top 50 Powerful Women in Business by Dignity Magazine, she has made guest appearances on the front cover of the Majesty Now Magazine, KISH Magazine, Licensed Chaplain, Women of Dignity Magazine and Spotlight as one of top 51 Female World Changers, Performed live audience appearance on TBN and the Impact Network. Dr. Gilstrap have Received the President Barack Obama Lifetime Humanitarian Award and received a Citizenship Award on behalf of the City of Atlanta, Georgia and President Joe Biden Lifetime Humanitarian Award. She holds an –A.A. Theology (Liberty University), -B.A. Christian Education (Grand Canyon University), Certified Life Coach (Grand Canyon University), -M.A. Psychology (Grand Canyon University), Certified MFT (Northcentral University), Honorary Doctorate in Global Humanitarian and A Global Ambassador. 

Dr. Gilstrap has worked with several Gospel Musical Legends: The Dorothy Norwood Scholarship Foundation, Evelyn Turntine Agee, Pastor Shirley Caesar, Abba Tina Walker, Inez Andrews, Lee Williams & The Spiritual QC’s, Troy Ramey & The Soul Searchers, Keith “Wonderboy” Johnson, Darrell McFadden & The Disciples, and Bishop Clarence McClendon, to name a few. 

Dr. Gilstrap has travelled to Africa (Accra, Ghana), Ivory Coast, Pram Pram, Teshia, Lagos, Nigeria, Amsterdam, Jamaica, and London (England) on missionary journeys. She has made guest appearances on Word of Faith TV in the United Kingdom (www.faithworldtv.com). She travels the Globe, inspiring, empowering, motivating, equipping, deliverance, prophesying, and developing people.



-A.A. Theology/Counseling (Liberty University)

-B.A. Christian Education (Grand Canyon University)

Certified Life Coach (Grand Canyon University)

-M.A. Psychology (Grand Canyon University)

Certified MFT (Northcentral University)

Honorary Doctorate in Global Humanitarian

Lifetime Achievement Award from President Barack Obama

Lifetime achievement Award from President Joe Biden

Global Ambassador Humanitarian 

Outstanding Citizenship Award of the State of Georgia

Last modified: December 5, 2021