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Dr. Saphonia Michelle

Dr. Saphonia Michelle is a Teacher, Certified Professional Counselor, Life Coach, and Crisis Intervention Specialist, with a Doctoral Degree in Ministry and Christian Counseling.  She does training and counseling in the field of pastoral care, adjutant and church security, grief, stress, crisis and trauma.  Dr. Saphonia Michelle with her extensive training, offers invaluable guidance and support to individuals seeking spiritual and emotional growth, and helping anyone to navigate through life challenges with faith, love, and resilience.  She is the Founder of Intimacy Enterprises a faith-based Counseling, Peer Support, Pastoral Care, Church Adjutant and Security, Event Planning, and Mentorship program business.  Dr. Saphonia Michelle loves helping others and is a giver that supports families and individuals in Leadership, Ministry, Law Enforcement and Security, as well as, in their businesses and church ministries to identify and embrace their God given purpose.

Dr. Saphonia Michelle is truly a person “after God’s own heart,” widely recognized for her unwavering devotion and selfless dedication in helping and serving God’s people.  She leaves a lasting impact through her profound love and commitment to encourage people to walk in the purpose that God has called them to be and she believes that if you understand and know your unique self.  You can pursue all that God has called to be no matter what life throws at you!

Dr. Saphonia Michelle has served a lifetime of being a care-taker, protector, and people pusher.  She has a heart for people!  She has over 36 years in Federal Law Enforcement, Leadership, and Counseling.  She has spoken and assisted in numerous community, outreach and youth mentor programs, as well as, served and assisted for over 40 years in several church ministries.

Dr. Saphonia Michelle loves music, writing and poetry, and can be found traveling abroad, to her favorite pretty blue waters as well as, hosting events, retreats, workshops, empowerment sessions for men and women, community services, youth groups, private organizations, as well as in the marketplace.

Dr. Saphonia Michelle’s mission is to empower everyone she encounters to WIN in every area of their lives, mentally, spiritually, and physically.

Dr. Saphonia Michelle was recently awarded “The Marquis Who’s Who Publications Board in America, and a Pinnacle Professional Member of Continental Who’s Who, as well as, the Top 10 Influential Women Movers & Shakers in the July 2023 issue of Gleaming Dreamers magazine, she is an up and coming Author of the book, “Everything and Nothing, Overcoming Loss, after Loss after Loss.”  She is currently pursuing her training in Mental Health and Life Coaching.  Her heart’s desire is to please the Lord in everything that she puts her hands to do and to show the Love and Healing power of God!
Last modified: May 2, 2024