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Dreams Turned into a Reality! By Chef Benjamin Leggitte

Figured I would share this and hopefully inspire/motivate somebody who feels their dreams/Goals are impossible to accomplish because they can’t see it physically right now. Listen whatever you pursue either in your career or personal life,no matter what never get comfortable in where you are today because there is always something bigger and better tomorrow that god has in store for you. Their is a old saying somebody told me along time ago and it’s “only those that are willing to travel the distance will know how far one can go in life”. I started my cooking career journey back in 2013 in Montgomery,AL and could only make it so big in such a small city. I changed my mindset and forced myself into seeing the bigger picture For the last 3 years of my life ,I have learned and grown by traveling the world and experiencing life from what I was used to. I started developing my craft by taking it more serious and taking it to the next level and turned myself into the person god has wanted me to become thus far in life. The journey was never easy but always rewarding you will understand This, Once  you leave home and get into the real world your wings will start to grow and spread and one day you’ll look back and realize that your journey was all worth it.

– Chef Benjamin Leggitte
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Last modified: July 22, 2020